According to the American Psychiatric Association, hoarding disorder is when a person obsessively collects and keeps an enormous amount of items that most people would consider worthless or trash. It affects an estimated 2% – 5% of the population, and may be present along with other psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety and attention deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD) disorders. It is also often dangerous, because excessive items in a home can block access to exit routes, can topple and crush a person or pets, and be a biohazard. In a recent case in San Francisco, the mummified body of a 90 year old woman was discovered, 5 years after her death, in what police called the worst case of hoarding they had ever seen.

Hoarding disorder can also isolate its victims and cause conflict with friends, family, communities and health and safety officials. At Bio SoCal, we offer extensive and discreet cleanup of all types of hoarding disorder, including aftercare and follow-up.

The following infographic offers insight into the early warning signs, with links to organizations that offer victim and family support services.

hoarding infographic

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