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Who We Serve

3 sisters close together looking sad from tragedy

Family & Friends

In the aftermath of a traumatic event or accident, biohazard cleanup is crucial for the well-being and health of yourself and others. It eliminates dangerous pathogens and provides emotional relief, allowing you to focus on dealing with the event itself and healing. Our supportive team will quickly restore a safe environment and be there to answer all your questions.
a couple and their two children looking at their new home. homeowners at last


To protect the investment in your home and safeguard your family’s health, we provide biohazard cleanup after an accident, crime, death, or hoarding situation. We’ll restore your property and carefully remove all hazards so you can be confident your living spaces are safe and clean. You can trust us to bring peace of mind back to your home
computer keyboard with an umbrella above the word insurance on a blue key

Insurance Companies

Bio SoCal works regularly with insurance companies, providing quality biohazard remediation to mitigate risk, protect your customers, and minimize liabilities. When you need someone who will get the job done right, call us. We promptly complete the work, reduce the potential for further claims, submit the claims with proper documentation, and be there to answer questions.
property manager showing a couple an available rental

Property Managers

Property managers rely on us to maintain safe, habitable spaces for commercial and residential tenants. Specializing in biohazard cleanup and odor removal, swift and professional cleanup of mold, crime scenes, accidents, or sewage backups ensures tenant satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and the preservation of property value, as well as protecting your legal liability. Count on us for efficient, reliable biohazard cleanup solutions. Read More

business park with commerical businesses and restaurants

Business - Commercial

Businesses need biohazard cleanup to safeguard employees, clients, and reputations. Promptly addressing biohazardous situations like spills, accidents, or viral outbreaks is vital for compliance with health regulations and maintaining a healthy work and business environment. Available 24/7, our expert biohazard cleanup team will quickly restore the property and protect your legal liability so you can reopen your doors as quickly as possible. Read More

hotel with a hotel sign on decorative wrought iron railing

Hoteliers - Hotel Management

To maintain guest safety and uphold your reputation for cleanliness, call Bio SoCal when dealing with accidents, deaths, or spills. Our 24/7 rapid response to incidents and strict confidentiality prevents the spread of illness, ensures guest satisfaction, and protects your reputation. Rely on our specialized biohazard cleanup services to deliver a safe and welcoming environment.
law enforcement officer smiling and standing in front of his patrol car

Law Enforcement

We proudly partner with law enforcement agencies to clean up scenes 24/7 such as those involving crimes, deaths, and accidents that need biohazard remediation services to ensure the safety of the public. Biohazards can include blood, drugs, investigative chemicals, and bodily fluids. As the company you can count on to restore the area or law enforcement vehicles, we are here to support law enforcement agencies and create a safe environment.
soldier saluting the U.S. flag

U.S. Military

Bio SoCal works alongside government and military agencies to protect the health of military personnel and maintain high operational standards. Whether you’re dealing with chemical spills, accidents involving blood and other body fluids, or a death, our specialized biohazard cleanup services are fast and efficient, ensuring swift decontamination and restoration so you can continue operations in safety.
fireman reaching to close the door of his fire truck

First Responders

As first responders, you are often the first ones who show up at a scene and realize biohazard cleanup is needed. After a death, accident, or health issue, the families you serve need a reliable company to come in and decontaminate the property. At Bio SoCal, we also specialize in vehicle cleanup including ambulances to protect your own safety and the health of future patients. Read More

social worker smiling and talking with two other people

Social Workers

As social workers, you are on the front lines with your clients, seeing hoarded properties, homes with foul odors, and other hazardous conditions. To protect your clients, you can rely on Bio SoCal to set properties to rights and restore safety for those you care about. With cleaned and decontaminated homes, your referral can change the lives of your clients.
victims advocate group - 6 people sitting in a circle

Victims Advocate Groups

At Bio SoCal, we regularly work with victim advocate groups to protect victims of crime after tramautic events. To ensure their safety and help victims move forward emotionally and physically, we are there to restore their environments to safety by removing all biohazards and foul odors. If you’re looking for quality biohazard cleanup, give us a call for fast, discreet, and compassionate service.
man in suit at a desk with a clipboard in front of him, pen in hand, and a gavel on his desk.

Estate Attorneys

When handling estates involving neglected properties or unattended deaths, as estate attorneys you may encounter properties with blood, body fluids, odor, or feces. Biohazard cleanup is essential before transferring the asset to a new owner. As biohazard cleaners, we professionally and discreetly clean the property and restore it to safety while adhering to all health and safety regulations.
a woman and a man utility worker in high-viz jackets and hard hats standing in front of electrical grid.

Public Works (Infrastructure and Utility Companies)

When it comes to maintaining the safety and cleanliness of public spaces and infrastructure, quality biohazard cleanup is a vital step after events such as suicides, crimes, and accidents. To protect the well-being of the community, Bio SoCal is there with prompt and effective biohazard cleanup that will protect both the environment and public health.
government official sitting across the desk from his constituent with a U.S. flag on his desk and behind him

Local & State Government

To maintain public safety and handle potential health risks, local and state governments require biohazard cleanup services to remove biohazards from crime scenes and public spaces. At Bio SoCal, we address biohazardous incidents promptly and we strictly adhere to all health regulations. In your efforts to protect community well-being, we work alongside you to provide a safe environment for all residents.

Southern California Counties Served

Los Angeles County

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Riverside County

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San Bernardino County

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Ventura County

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Orange County

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Santa Barbara County

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Kern County(Parts of)

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San Diego County (Parts Of)

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100% of Bio SoCal’s business is Biohazard and Hoarding Remediation as opposed to competitors and restoration companies that focus on smoke, fire, mold, and water and do very little biohazard remediation and decontamination but bid on work as “filler” without the proper training or experience.
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