Hoarding and Clutter Cleanup Time Lapse Videos

Bio SoCal is the preferred company for hoarding cleanup in Southern California. Below are a few time-lapsed videos of hoarding and clutter cleanup jobs that we have done this year.

These are quick videos to give you a glimpse into a hoarding cleanup job. What you really can’t see is that we take special care to look for valuable items and important documents that you are looking to recover. We don’t just sweep everything into the dumpster. Each box and the debris that is not clearly disposable debris is carefully reviewed and decisions are made based on your guidelines.

Bio SoCal arrives with a crew of 4-10 crew members, a crew senior chief , depending on the job, to make the hoarding cleanup process as smooth and swift as possible. We take time to ensure that everything you want to keep is retained. We can often get your home cleaned up in 1-2 days. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your situation, give us a call. We’d be happy to come out, assess your situation and give you a free comprehensive scope of work and estimate.

Hoarding Time Lapsed Videos

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