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Trauma Scene Cleanup

Dealing with a traumatic event on your property including the death of a loved one, crime, industrial accident, or a mass casualty event can be horrendously difficult. On top of the emotional shock and grief, property owners also must deal with the resulting scene contaminated with blood, chemicals, and other bodily fluids. At Bio SoCal, our compassionate team of trauma scene cleaners are experienced in what it takes to quickly and thoroughly clean any area from small to large so you can focus on moving forward while knowing your Southern Californian home or business is safe.

Bio SoCal is Available 24-7

No matter what time of day you call, we are available 24-7 and are here to answer any questions you have or to provide you with a free estimate and consultation. Always arriving in unmarked vehicles and plain uniforms, we respect your privacy and never ask any unnecessary questions. Throughout the process, we treat every person and item with compassion and integrity, always making you and your specific needs our priority. With Bio SoCal, you know the job will be done right with the highest quality standards the first time, every time.

Types of Trauma Scene Cleanup

A trauma scene is one in which there was an event that left biohazards behind. The following are trauma scenes that most often require proper biohazard remediation.

Blood Cleanup

Whenever there has been a trauma and blood is present, proper protocols in blood cleanup should be followed. Blood can carry many infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. All blood spills should be taken very seriously and cleaned and decontaminated by a professional.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Many people assume the police will make sure an area is clean after a crime has been committed. After the officers have completed their investigation, though, it is actually the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the area is clean and safe while following all local and federal rules and regulations involving the cleanup and disposal of biohazards.

At Bio SoCal, we understand the emotional and physical trauma that can be involved when a crime has been committed on your property. In addition to cleaning up any blood and bodily fluids, we also remove any chemicals left behind from investigators such as fingerprint powder which have further contaminated the scene.

Suicide Cleanup

Losing a loved one to suicide can be one of the hardest things to deal with. In addition to the shock and grief of the loss, it is even harder to also have to deal with the physical aftermath left behind. Our team of compassionate biohazard cleaners treat you with kindness and concern as we clean various surfaces of blood and other bodily fluids resulting from suicide. Not only do we know where to look, but we also have the ability to quickly clean large areas and the tools to make sure all affected layers are decontaminated, sanitized, and restored so you can focus on what’s important.

Industrial Accident Cleanup

Industrial accidents can be particularly difficult to clean of biohazards as they often involve intricate pieces of machinery with small nooks and crannies. To make sure your business is truly clean and safe for other employees, call us at Bio SoCal to clean the area. We know every minute counts in the running of your business and your reputation is at stake so we are available around the clock to be there whenever you need us. Able to cover large areas in short amounts of time and using industrial-grade cleaners that can decontaminate even the smallest of spaces, we will have your business back to normal as fast as possible. Following all OSHA rules and regulations, we’ll even file the insurance paperwork on your behalf.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Discovering your loved one has passed away or handling the aftermath of a tenant’s death can be a terrible ordeal. When a body has not been discovered for any length of time, it has decomposed and, depending on the stage, the result can include bodily fluids soaking through multiple layers of building materials, pest infestations, and a strong odor. A person untrained in proper biohazard cleanup should never undertake the work themselves due to dangerous health and legal ramifications. Bio SoCal experts are here to handle the situation with personal protective equipment, industrial-grade cleaners, and professional equipment to remove and legally dispose of all affected materials, eliminate all lingering odor, and restore the property.

Mass Casualty Cleanup

Mass casualty crime scenes require a crime scene cleanup company experienced in managing the vast complexities of large-scale, multi-agency response scenes where numerous people have died. Unlike any other crime scene, the extreme challenges and numerous areas require a careful and methodical approach. At Bio SoCal, we have the experience in handling these complex cleanups and have worked directly with federal, state and local authorities on mass casualty events.

Most Homeowner’s Insurance Policies Cover Trauma Cleanup Services

If you’re dealing with a traumatic event in your home or business, we know the last thing you need to think about is insurance paperwork. Requiring no money upfront, Bio SoCal will fill out any insurance paperwork needed and can even file the claim on your behalf so you can rest easy.

Call Bio SoCal Today for Quality Trauma Scene Cleanup

Available 24-7, we are always here to clean up any trauma scene throughout Southern California. With top-notch customer service and quality trauma scene cleanup, we always go the extra mile. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate or for immediate service.

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