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Mass Casualty Crime Scene Cleanup

Mass casualty crime scenes require a crime scene cleanup company with experience managing large-scale, multi-agency response scenes. The biohazard cleanup, recovery, and decontamination efforts for a mass fatality event are unlike any other crime scene and typically involve multiple interior and exterior scenes with complex and extreme challenges, all of which require a careful and methodical approach. Bio SoCal, having worked directly with federal, state and local authorities on mass casualty events, has proven experience in handling extensive, vast and complex crime scenes.

A mass casualty crime scene is typically a significant cleanup with widespread distribution of blood and bodily fluids that requires a structured approach requiring a heightened level of communication, project management, logistics and organization to not only ensure that the physical space is properly cleaned and decontaminated, but that the belongings of the victims and survivors are also properly processed and cleaned. Bio SoCal has worked with the FBI’s Victims Services Division and Evidence Response Team during mass casualties to catalog, clean and decontaminate associated and unassociated items, and with pride, returned the cleaned items to the family members of the deceased and survivors the horrific event.

Bio SoCal – Experience and Trust with Federal and Local Authorities

Bio SoCal is one of the few crime scene and biohazard cleanup companies in the United States that has actual experience proving that they can handle the cleaning and decontamination of a mass casualty crime scene. Bio SoCal has earned the trust of federal and local authorities because of our respect for the investigation process, compassion for the affected community and our professional approach to tragic events including a high level of confidentiality and discretion.

Bio SoCal’s project management team works closely in alignment with the authorities responsible for the scene as well as the property owner, insurance company and all levels of law enforcement to ensure the scene is secure and the proper steps are followed to maintain the integrity of any remaining investigative actions. A special team is assigned to the cleaning and decontamination of the victims and survivors’ belongings to ensure the items are treated with care and compassion so they can be returned quickly and in an emotionally and physically safe manner.

The Process

There is no standard definition of what constitutes a “mass fatality,” but most mass casualty events, are led by a response team consisting of the FBI, local, regional, and various other agencies because the number of casualties requires a response and personnel in excess of what is normally available from local law enforcement and medical resources.

The first order of business is to secure the scene and rescue any survivors. Once the scene is stable, the investigation begins and the crime scene teams descend on the scene to remove the deceased and collect evidence, which can take days or even weeks for a large scene. Processing such an extensive crime scene involves the crime scene investigation team who documents what took place and collects evidence while another team cares for the victims’ families and survivors and recovers the personal property left behind at the scene. Lastly, once the investigation is over and the authorities have cleared the scene, Bio SoCal begins to clean and decontaminate the structure to make it safe to inhabit both physically and emotionally. Bio SoCal’s project management team documents the cleanup in a manner that is consistent with the insurance industry standards to ensure proper reimbursement and certification of completion. All cleaning, decontamination, and the transport and disposal of regulated biohazard waste are done according to OSHA and the Department of Public Health Protocol and regulations. Bio SoCal uses EPA registered chemicals to clean and decontaminate.

Bio SoCal Conducted the Mass Casualty Cleanup of the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, CA

Mass Casualty Borderline Bar and Grill

Bio SoCal was trusted and selected by the FBI, Ventura County Sheriff Office’s Major Crimes Unit, the owners of The Borderline Bar and Grill and the commercial insurance company to conduct the mass casualty cleanup and decontamination of the interior and exterior of the property as well as the cleaning and decontamination of the personal belongings of the victims and survivors. Bio SoCal’s team of experienced professionals worked closely with all local, state and federal agencies involved in the tragic event to clean, decontaminate, and sanitize the entire area and participated in many community events honoring and raising funds for the victims.

Bio SoCal will respond to a mass casualty event anywhere in California and Nationwide and is also available for consultation. Call Bio SoCal, our experience matters.

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