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Biohazard Cleanup for Business Owners

At Bio SoCal, we understand how important it is for a business to maintain a safe environment for both customers and staff. A basic level of cleanliness and safety must be maintained at all times for a business to be successful. However, in those moments when the unexpected occurs and biohazards cleanup is necessary, our team is here to decontaminate and disinfect your Southern California business property and protect your business’s good reputation.

What are biohazards?

Biohazards are any biological substance that poses a threat to human health. This can include blood, body fluids (animal or human), viruses, bacteria, urine, feces, vomit, drug paraphernalia, and tear gas. These substances can be spilled at events such as accidents, illnesses, crime, and homeless camps and can result in something as minor as a small irritation to life-threatening diseases. When one of these events take place, business owners have a legal responsibility to make sure their private property is thoroughly cleaned and safety is restored.

Business owners are liable for proper cleanup

When operating a business, owners are legally responsible for operating that business in a manner that is safe for all involved. The failure to provide a safe environment can result in steep fines, legal action, and even closure. The government body overseeing workplace safety, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA), carefully outlines standards and monitors compliance.

To legally clean biohazards and protect your legal liability, there are extensive local and federal rules and regulations that must be strictly followed. Doing this properly requires a professionally trained biohazard cleaner who knows what it takes to ensure your property is truly free of all biohazards while adhering to all rules and regulations in the handling and disposing of biohazardous materials.

Bio SoCal provides fast and professional biohazard cleanup

At Bio SoCal, each member of our team is a well-trained professional biohazard cleaner who is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to clean up all the biohazards on your property and protect your business. Well-versed in bloodborne pathogens, Cal/OSHA protocols, and disease prevention, you can count on us to quickly disinfect and restore your property to safety.

Bio SoCal cleans up biohazard spills large and small

In the normal operations of a business, situations may arise involving biohazards that need swift and immediate action on your part to protect the well-being of clients and employees and protect your business’s reputation. Such situations can include:

  • Biohazards cleanup in bathrooms: For businesses with high foot traffic, the bathrooms can be a semi-regular location needing special biohazard cleanup. Restaurants and bars, in particular, may deal with vomit, blood, drug paraphernalia, or excessive diarrhea. For the most part, regular janitorial staff can handle routine bathroom cleaning. However, there are times when the situation rises to the level of professional biohazard cleanup. When those moments occur, Bio So Cal will quickly arrive on the scene to remove all harmful substances and disinfect and clean all the bathroom surfaces.
  • Homeless encampments: When a homeless encampment has been located on a private business property, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure all remaining hazards are fully removed. This may include feces, drug paraphernalia, and vomit. If you need your private business property cleaned after a homeless encampment has vacated your property, we will be there to clean the area with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and techniques.
  • Crimes: Crimes committed on your business property can leave behind blood, body fluids, drugs, tear gas, and chemicals used in investigations. No one untrained in biohazard cleanup should handle these substances. Even a small amount left behind can have catastrophic consequences. Released fluids such as blood follow the flow of gravity and can infect multiple layers of building materials. Without checking to make sure all blood has been removed, the building can be damaged and a strong, unpleasant odor will occur. Our team at Bio SoCal are the experts you can rely on in your time of need to make sure the job is done right the very first time.
  • Accidents: Whether in a restaurant kitchen, factory, or bathroom, accidents can occur in the blink of an eye. In those moments when you’re trying to address the accident and protect the people involved, our Bio SoCal team will be there to protect you, the reputation of your business, and the safety of all others who encounter the space in question. With 24/7 availability, our team will quickly assess the issue, isolate the contamination, then quickly clean and disinfect the area while protecting ourselves and others.

Protect your business by calling Bio SoCal

As an essential part of a successful business, your business property and workplace safety must be protected. By investing in the needed knowledge of what your responsibilities are and how we can protect you and your business when you need us, you are protecting your livelihood, your investment, and the lives of others.

Available 24/7, we at Bio SoCal are bonded and insured, locally owned, and will make sure you get back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Whether you have questions, need a free quote and consultation, or want to set us up as a vendor for when the need for biohazard cleanup in Southern California does arise, our team of professional biohazard cleaners are here to help.

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