When tragedy strikes, Bio SoCal is here to help. Always available for blood cleanup and homicide cleanup throughout Southern California, our Bio SoCal team was recently on the scene in Palm Springs after a 22-year-old allegedly stabbed and killed a 68-year-old man.

Blood Cleanup After Homicide in Palm Springs

Police were called to the scene in Palm Springs on a Sunday night in late March when it was reported a 68-year-old man had been stabbed to death. At a home near East Twin Palms Drive and South Calle Palo Fierro inside the Palm Canyon Mobile Club community, police gathered evidence and launched a search for the suspect. The next morning, after a preliminary investigation, police arrested a 22-year-old man who had been in a relationship with the victim. The suspect has since been charged with two felony counts of murder and breaking and entering. Despite pleading not guilty, the suspect remains in custody on a $1 million bail. Once police released the scene back to the property owner, Bio SoCal was called to complete the blood cleanup and restore the property to safety.

Bio SoCal Provides Blood Cleanup You Can Trust

Whenever blood is spilled in tragedies such as suicides, homicides, or accidents, all the blood and body fluid needs to be thoroughly remediated and all remaining surfaces cleaned and disinfected. Even a trace amount of blood can carry unseen viruses and bacteria and blood can soak through building layers, damaging the structure itself and causing a foul odor. Without professional biohazard cleanup after such events, people’s health and safety are put at risk as well as the property owner being held legally liable for any future damages. Throughout Palm Springs and the larger Southern California area, Bio SoCal is the trusted biohazard cleanup expert. Regularly partnering with first responders and police departments throughout the area, they know we will work with the public with integrity and compassion.

What is the Blood Cleanup Process?

Experienced in all types of biohazard cleanup, we at Bio SoCal recognize the importance of providing swift and thorough blood cleanup services to restore the affected area. Blood cleanup is a layer by layer process. With our specialized skills, equipment, and adherence to strict safety protocols, we quickly arrive on scene and take the weight of cleanup off your shoulders.

Arriving in an unmarked vehicle and plain uniforms, we keep prying eyes away while we quickly evaluate the scene and remove any materials too infected with blood to be salvaged. This material is safely transported as medical waste with all necessary legal licenses and permits. We then work from top to bottom, whether the area is large or small, to make sure all remaining surfaces as well as nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This prevents any health risks as well as gives people a safe place to move forward whether that is grieving, closing an estate, or healing their bodies.

Homicide Cleanup in Palm Springs

Blood cleanup and homicide cleanup are sensitive tasks that require a delicate approach. Bio SoCal understands the emotional toll that such incidents can take on individuals and communities. Therefore, our team of trained professionals works efficiently and discreetly to provide a sense of closure and security to those affected.

As the community in Palm Springs grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, know that our team at Bio SoCal stands ready to assist with any biohazard cleanup needs you may have. Whether it’s blood cleanup, homicide cleanup, or other biohazardous situations, Bio SoCal is equipped to handle the job with efficiency and care.

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