Of all the serious situations which can lead to bio-cleanup, suicide cleanup is the most deeply unsettling, and emotional for those involved. It is because of all of the sensitive issues surrounding a service like suicide cleanup that Bio SoCal offers our professional services. Our teams are here to help, with immediately and discreet suicide cleanup ready 24/7.

Suicide cleanup is difficult for those involved for a diverse field of reasons, besides the emotional issues, it is also essential that the area is cleaned up as quickly, discreetly, and thoroughly as possible. Federal laws dictate that all human body tissue, in addition to bodily fluids, are biohazards, and as such a qualified company must lead the clean up.

As part of our service we handle all insurance related issues for our clients, and so in almost all cases you will neither be required to pay, nor to deal with drawn out insurance procedures. If any items are removed and which cannot be recovered during the cleanup then we will also file for insurance for any and all possessions.

Bio SoCal is fully qualified to carry out Bio Cleanup, and licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Our service is available throughout the year, 24 hours a day, and we deliver an immediate service in order to have the situation resolved as quickly as possible.  

Our team will arrive in unmarked vehicles, so as to prevent attracting unwanted attention, and we will talk you through the process step by step so that you have a complete understanding of the cleanup that we will carry out, before leaving the area fully disinfected and decontaminated. All of our tools and equipment are state of the art, and our staff are trained to cleanup to CDPH standards, inspecting the entire area thoroughly.

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