When things go well, driving for ride shares such as Uber and Lyft can be a fun experience and a nice way to earn extra income on a schedule that works for you. However, when the unexpected happens and a passenger throws up, urinates, or is hurt and blood is spilled, not only is your schedule at risk, but your safety and livelihood are at risk as well.

Get professional help for blood and feces cleanup

Nearly every Lyft and Uber driver knows what it’s like to have someone throw up in their car and have to clean it up before taking the next passenger. Sometimes it’s simply a 20-minute detour to pull out your cleaning supplies and take care of the mess. Other times, it can take days before the odor has dissipated enough to take new passengers.

But there are other times when ride share drivers untrained in biohazard cleanup should leave the cleaning to biohazard cleanup professionals. This may be after someone was injured or dies and left blood on the seat or defecated on the car’s upholstery. These types of issues are far more dangerous as these substances carry bacteria and viruses that threaten your health and the health of your family and passengers such as HIV, Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C, MRSA, C. Diff, and the flu.

With all the nooks and crannies in a car, blood and feces can soak through multiple layers in a car and find their way into hard to reach places. People untrained don’t have the skills, protection, or cleaners strong enough to remedy the issue. Even a car that seems clean can still be dangerous and have a lasting odor. Don’t risk leaving fluids behind during blood cleanup and getting your passengers and yourself sick, thus opening yourself up to legal liability—call us for immediate service.

Bio SoCal cleans ride share vehicles of all biohazards including blood cleanup

In those times when biohazards are spilled, our cleaning crews at Bio SoCal are here to help. To make it as easy and as fast as possible for you, we can come to your location. With fast service available throughout Southern California, our staff are here to help and protect you so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. With industrial-grade cleaners, we’ll remove all the biohazards, and clean and disinfect all the surfaces, as well as removing any odor so you can rest easy you and your passengers are safe.

Hire a professional instead of taking on the liability

There are protocols for cleaning and regulations for disposing of biohazards. Hire a professional like Bio SoCal to ensure that your car is properly cleaned and disinfected.

To dispose of materials contaminated with biohazards, you must possess all the proper licenses and certifications to transport and legally dispose of the materials. Bio SoCal will make sure all local, state, and federal rules and regulations are strictly adhered to and your business is protected.

Call us for immediate service

We know your livelihood depends on how fast we can clean your car of any biohazards. Thus, we are available 24/7 to help you whenever you need us. If you’ve had biohazards such as blood or feces spilled in your ride share vehicle, give us a call today. We are here to help get you to your next destination.

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