Bio SoCal was recently called upon to help a business in Carson, California for blood cleanup after a man was found dead inside a Carson building.

The most important thing we can do as a company is to mitigate emotional and physical trauma for businesses and property owners throughout Southern California. Here in Carson, the victim was found when a fellow co-worker came in the next morning and found the 49-year-old Asian man lying on the floor. Finding someone who has passed away, especially from trauma, is already emotionally difficult. Nightmares and PTSD can be common experiences in these cases. Having someone untrained in biohazard cleanup cleaning up all the blood and body fluids can be even more traumatic with longer lasting emotional and physical trauma. In addition, not hiring a company with the proper licenses and certifications can leave you open to fines and legal liability.

Bio SoCal is here to mitigate trauma for business owners

In Carson, we were there to help the business owner by taking over the scene as soon as the police completed their investigation so we could restore the property. We began at once by donning personal protective equipment, sealing off the affected area, and then cleaning up and decontaminating all surfaces so staff could begin to properly grieve and safely return to the office when they are ready.

According to reports, investigators don’t yet know what happened, whether the man passed away due to an accident or homicide but the tragedy is currently being investigated as a homicide. With blunt force traumatic injuries to his head and body, he was found dead with nothing taken and his personal belongings found nearby.

At Bio SoCal, we understand how important it is to make sure all employees are working in a clean and safe environment. Don’t put your employees in harm’s way through improper cleanup. Blood and other harmful materials can work their way downward into unseen layers, leaving behind microscopic viruses and bacteria. Only after working through all affected layers, making sure all blood and bodily fluids, both seen and unseen, are removed, do we release the property back to the owners fully confident you can occupy the space with peace of mind.

Our community at Bio SoCal extends our deepest condolences to this man’s family, friends, and co-workers.

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Bio SoCal responds 24/7/365 to help others during difficult times. If you are a business owner or property owner anywhere in Southern California, we are the trusted company for biohazard cleanup. With compassionate customer service, we work quickly and meticulously to make sure all biohazards are removed and the space is safe to occupy. From large areas to small, we know what it takes to clean up biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, and drugs, among other biohazards. With our experience, we have a fast solution to whatever you are dealing with.

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