Our biohazard cleanup team in La Quinta was on scene after an officer-involved shooting in late January. Always ready to help our neighbors throughout Riverside County, we make sure your property is restored to safety after a crime is committed or an accident takes place.

The event first began in Thousand Palms when a woman ran into a local business claiming her estranged husband was armed with a rifle and trying to kill her. The staff there called police and when they responded, the officers tried talking with the man sitting in a red Ford pickup truck. However, the man quickly backed up the truck and took off up the road. The California Highway Patrol and police officers followed with the chase only ending when the man hit another vehicle in La Quinta. Though details are scant, an officer-involved shooting then occurred with the man being hit by gunfire and succumbing to his injuries shortly thereafter. The rifle was recovered at the scene and no other person was hurt. As is standard procedure, the officers involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave pending the investigation.

While investigators collected evidence from the scene and our crew conducted their crime scene and blood cleanup, the road was closed and traffic diverted to keep the public safe and to give the professional crews time and space to do our work.

We work to keep public spaces safe from biohazards

When a crime occurs in a public space, Bio SoCal is often on scene to conduct the cleanup and make sure all traces of blood and other bodily fluids have been removed in order to protect the community. With good working relationships with police departments throughout Southern California and all around Riverside County, we work hard alongside officers to remediate any affected areas and restore our public streets, parking lots, and sidewalks.

La Quinta’s preferred biohazard cleanup company

Bio SoCal is La Quinta’s preferred biohazard cleanup company. We are available 24/7 for any kind of blood and body fluid cleanup. Whether you are dealing with a crime scene, accident, or unattended death, we are here for you with compassionate service and professional experience.

Many of our services, including crime scene cleanup, are covered by your property insurance and we can fill out the paperwork and file the claim on your behalf. Here to make a difficult time easier for you to walk through, you can always call us with any questions you may have or for a free quote and consultation.

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