If you ever need to address a hoarding matter, whether it’s personal or for a close friend or family member, the last thing you want is for your neighbors to turn things into a spectacle.

Hoarding is an extremely personal concern and issue, and it’s important that it’s dealt with professionally and with discretion. The home of a hoarder can be a very dangerous and hazardous environment. If it isn’t dealt with properly, the hazards can quickly become extreme.

People who live in hoarding conditions are at constant risk of tripping and falling over clutter, as well as the danger of becoming trapped beneath heavy items, which can fall over without warning. Other health concerns at stake include respiratory conditions caused by breathing in spores of rot and mold, as well as illnesses associated with human fecal matter and rodent feces and urine concerns such as Hantavirus.

Bio SoCal understands that when it comes to handling such a personal and unpleasant matter, discretion, among other things, is key. Unlike other services Bio SoCal offers professional hoarder cleaning services in Anaheim with a difference. Bio SoCal arrives in plain white unmarked vehicles to respect your privacy. It is nobody’s business. In fact when neighbors ask what we are doing we simply say, helping our client clean out some stuff.

In fact, when you call Bio SoCal, the owner will be on hand to answer your call and to organize things with you personally, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because emergencies rarely happen a convenient time.

Bio SoCal is a FEMA-registered provider with years of experience helping it’s clients to get through difficult times and has an understanding of the sensitive issues at stake that makes them the industry leader in hoarding remediation. service.

When it comes to tidying up and clearing out a hoarded property, it’s important that things are done properly, and that the right process is in place to deliver perfect results, as well as to safeguard any personal or household belongings and valuable that might be mixed up in the debris. The dedicated staff at Bio SoCal will always retain any items with perceived or perceived value, whether it’s financial, or sentimental such as photographs, unopened mail, jewelry, cash, important papers, etc.
All items have a disposition of keep, donate or dispose.The removal of items is done efficiently and carefully and disposed of using our large 30 yard fleet dump trailer and trucks or with the use of a dumpster to ensure your privacy is maintained. When the unwanted items and furniture has been any biohazards are removed and the property is decontaminated and cleaned. Bio SoCal is licensed by the California Department of Public Health and all technicians are fully Bio SoCal is insured and all technicians are covered under our workers compensation insurance policy to ensure. safe and secure results.

So if you are looking for a company to help with hoarded home call Bio SoCal today to arrange for a free onsite consultation and estimate or if you’d simply like advice, call us and we would be happy to steer you in the right direction or refer you to our helpful and trustworthy resources. All calls are confidential to respect your privacy, and they will never record incoming or outgoing phone calls.

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