Our crew was recently on the scene after a police-involved shooting in Anaheim to clean the blood and body fluids from the scene and restore safety to the Anaheim community.

Officer involved shooting in Anaheim

In the late morning of August 31st, Anaheim police responded to a call from a man reporting to the dispatcher he had been shot. When officers arrived at the home, they saw signs of trouble outside and forced their way into the home via one of the doors. After searching the building, they located the gunshot victim in one of the rooms then were confronted by the homicide suspect, still armed. It was reported at least one of the officers fired his gun before the police evacuated the home and sent the SWAT team in instead. When the SWAT team entered the building, they found the bodies of both deceased men. No officers were injured in the incident. According to public records, the two men lived in the same neighborhood though the relationship between the two men is not known nor why the shooting occurred. An investigation is ongoing.

Bio SoCal is here for the Anaheim community

Whenever a crime such as this homicide occurs, the repercussions are felt far and wide among the friends and families of any victims as well as the community at large. Our staff at Bio SoCal is always here for the Anaheim community no matter what you are dealing with. Whether you need crime scene cleanup after a shooting, cleaning a hoarded home and readying it for sale, or cleaning property after an unattended death, we are here for you with emergency biohazard cleanup services throughout Anaheim.

Protecting Anaheim homes and businesses

While we can’t go back in time and prevent a crime or accident, we are dedicated to being there for homeowners and business owners throughout Southern California. With the latest biohazard cleaning technology and a team of people ready to help at a moment’s notice, we work hard to protect your investments and your loved ones.

Suffering through a crime or death on your property is difficult enough. Don’t add to the difficulty of the event by neglecting to make sure the area is properly cleaned. Even a small amount of blood or bodily fluids can damage the structure, cause odor, and pose a health risk for others in the future. As the property owner responsible for making sure your property is safe, you will be held legally liable if any future damages occur through improper cleanup.

With Bio SoCal on the job, you can be confident the area is clear of all contaminants and has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Available 24/7, we will also make sure any lingering odor is permanently removed and the property is restored to pre-event conditions.

Give us a call for homicide cleanup

Bio SoCal is always here to help during difficult times. As the trusted homicide cleanup experts throughout Anaheim, we are glad we could be there for this Anaheim homeowner in their time of need.

If you have any biohazards such as blood, urine, feces, infectious diseases, tear gas, or bodily fluids infecting your property, give us a call. We are always happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote and consultation.

Our thoughts are with those who lost a loved one in this tragedy.

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