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Anaheim Blood Cleanup
Emergency 24 Hour Service

Whenever a traumatic accident or crime involving spilled blood has taken place in Anaheim, you need a professional biohazard cleanup crew to clean and decontaminate the area right away. The need for blood cleanup can result from:

  • Industrial Accidents
  • Vomiting Blood
  • Trip and Falls
  • Accidents in the Home
  • Stabbings
  • Crime Scenes
  • Suicides by Gunshot
  • Blood in Feces

Hazards of Blood Cleanup

When cleaning up blood, proper personal protection equipment needs to be worn to protect against potential bloodborne pathogens such as HIV/AIDS, or Hepatitis A, B, C. Any breach in equipment, or blood left behind can cause exposure to bloodborne pathogens that can lead to illness or even death. Reduce risk and liability by having a licensed blood cleanup company properly clean and disinfect the impacted areas.

Blood Disposal in Anaheim

Items that have been saturated with blood may not be disposed of in the regular garbage cans or dumpsters. It is illegal in California to do so. The disposal of blood and other biohazards is regulated and must be done at a proper facility. Bio SoCal is licensed to handle, cleanup, transport, and properly dispose of all biohazrds.

Who Does Blood Cleanup in Anaheim?

Bio SoCal is the #1 Choice for blood cleanup company in Anaheim. We have been vetted and contracted by Orange County for biohazard cleanup and homeless encampments. We are experts who provide discreet, thorough and compassionate blood cleanup. Centrally located and locally owned, we show up in a non-descript, unmarked vehicle typically within an hour of you calling us. Our professionals then quickly clean and decontaminate the entire affected area with professional equipment, industrial-grade cleaners and personal protective equipment so you can be confident your home or business is thoroughly clean and safe.

Each employee at Bio SoCal is trained in the most state-of-the-art techniques from the latest available equipment to new specialty cleaners. Our goal is to help you through the ordeal by providing professional, discreet and fast blood and biohazard cleanup.

Bio SoCal’s extensive training, specially formulated chemicals and vast experience cleaning up blood and biohazards has earned us our reputation as the best company to cleanup blood and bloodborne pathogens when an unexpected and unfortunate accident, crime or death occurs throughout the city of Anaheim and Orange County.

Bio SoCal is licensed by the California Department of Public Health and holds a Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioners License. Any company hired to cleanup biohazards must have these licenses to legally remove, transport and dispose of blood.

Call Now For Blood Cleanup in Anaheim

Bio SoCal is always here to help 24/7/365. If you need blood cleanup Anaheim, give us a call at (714) 831-0088. We can immediately dispatch or answer any questions you may have.

Bio SoCal in Anaheim Blood Cleanup News

Cleaning up blood after a homicide in Anaheim

Our crew was recently on the scene after a shooting of a homicide suspect in Anaheim to clean the blood and body fluids from the scene and restore safety to the Anaheim community.

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