biohazard and crime scene cleanup

Bio SoCal is called upon regularly by Law Enforcement and cities officials o help citizens after a crime occurs in their home or business.

Bio So Cal arrives to Crime Scenes in discrete and unmarked trucks to clean  and decontaminate crime scenes professionally and according to the protocol and regulation’s set out by the California Department of Public Health.

How is a Biohazard Scene Cleaned?

Any biohazard site needs to be attended to in accordance with strict health and safety regulations. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are allowed to handle such a situation, then you all Bio SoCal for service.

At Bio Cal is licensed by the CDPH, and all of our staff are fully trained to know how to handle, and properly decontaminate a biohazards. Our staff is equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment), and uses the most effective and Eco-friendly chemicals to clean and decontaminate the scene.

What is a Biohazard?

A biohazard is anything which is a risk to spread illness or disease and includes the following:

If you are uncertain as to whether you are dealing with a biohazard, just give us a call and we will help guide you through and safe and appropriate plan prior to our arrival.

Crime Scene Clean Up

We provide crime scene cleanup services to private citizens, as well as to businesses, and municipalities. We understand that a crime scene is a sensitive and confidential matter and are always discrete and sensitive to ongoing investigations and the emotional impact of such an event.

What does it cost to clean up a Crime Scene?

We always do our very best to make our services as affordable as possible while. The last thing you need is additional worry and stress during a difficult and unexpected time. Every situation is different and each scene requires specific attention all of which contributes to the cost. If you have a homeowners insurance or business policy it is most likely only going to cost you the deductible with little to no out of pocket for you.

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