There are times when the crime scene cleanup work we do is quickly cleaned up and we don’t hear more about those involved. There are other times, however, when our work is part of a larger story and word gets back to us about what later happened to the victims. In this case, the news was tragic: Young Dolph, a rapper who has spent time here in L.A. was recently shot and murdered while buying cookies in Memphis, Tennessee.

Back in late September of 2017, Bio SoCal was called out to a large shoe store on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue for crime scene cleanup and disinfection. Young Dolph, a rapper whose real name was Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., had been shot next door in the driveway of the Lowes Hotel. He then stumbled into the shoe store bleeding profusely and with life-threatening injuries. The crime scene was significant, to say the least, and it was a miracle he survived. Bio SoCal meticulously cleaned up all the blood from the store then sanitized and disinfected all the surfaces so the business could safely reopen. As we do with all our crime scene cleanup tasks, our hearts hurt that such violence takes place in our community while we’re also proud to be there for businesses and other property owners to make sure they and their customers are safe from harm after a crime takes place.

Young Dolph Killed in Homicide in Memphis, Tennessee

In recent weeks, we learned that this young man had been shot at again and passed away from his injuries. At a bakery in Memphis, he often frequented to buy cookies for his mother, two men pulled up outside and shot Young Dolph through the glass door. Tragic and senseless, Dolph leaves behind two children and his long-time girlfriend. Our hearts hurt for this young family and for all those affected by this crime. May he rest in peace.

Compassionate Crime and Murder Scene Cleanup

While we know we can’t prevent homicides from occurring, each of our staff are here to help further tragedy from happening through improper cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, drug paraphernalia, and investigative chemicals after a murder has already occurred. If biohazards such as these are left behind after a crime takes place, building structures can be damaged, people can become sick or injured, and long-lasting foul odors can permeate the space. To make sure all biohazards are cleaned up properly and the area disinfected, it takes a skilled team of biohazard cleanup technicians.
Our experienced staff at Bio SoCal know all the places where biohazards may land after a crime takes place on your property and how to properly clean and disinfect the area so not even tiny trace amounts are left behind. With our team on the job, you know you’re in compassionate hands who care for the community by making sure your property is thoroughly restored after a crime and you and your loved ones are safe from further harm.

Licensed, bonded, and insured, Bio SoCal is the number one trusted crime scene cleanup company, and we regularly partner with first responders throughout Southern California. Whenever you need us, we are there to help.

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