vomit surcharge

Accidents happen. But it’s important to understand that when bodily fluids, such as vomit, blood, urine and feces, are involved, the situation becomes a potential health hazard. Whether it happens in a cab, a hotel room, a police car, or public place, there is not only unpleasantness for the public, but there is also a danger that customers and staff can be exposed to life-threatening pathogens and diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, AIDS, Tuberculosis, Bacterial Meningitis, among others.

The State of California requires that these kinds of accidents are cleaned up by professionals with a Trauma Scene Waste Management License issued by the Department of Public Health, or an OSHA-trained employee who as been properly trained in the handling of blood borne pathogens. This is critical because certified and licensed professionals have sophisticated tools, equipment and ecofriendly chemicals for the decontamination, safe cleaning and removal of biohazardous materials. Especially important for public places, professionals remove odors that can often linger, which is never good for business.

In many situations, insurance policies cover biohazard waste removal and cleanup.

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