Bio SoCal was on the scene in Irvine, California to clean up after a suspected murder-suicide at a private residence.

After family members in Canada were unable to contact their relatives in Irvine, California, for over a year, Canadian authorities contacted Irvine Police to request a wellness check. Once officers arrived at the address in question, they found three severely decomposed bodies inside the home. Upon further investigation, detectives discovered all three suffered from a gunshot wound. There was no forced entry or foul play detected and a gun was found at the scene. After looking at dental records, two victims were identified – the third was pending at the time of reporting.

Once the police completed their on-site investigation and released the scene, Bio SoCal arrived with all the needed equipment and staff to clean the affected property and remove all the biohazard contamination.

Unattended deaths and murder-suicides may require extensive cleanup

When someone dies and the body is not discovered right away, the natural decomposition process begins, returning the elements of the body back to the earth. While this is a natural process and an important part of our planet’s eco-system, the results can be hazardous for other living beings such as humans and animals.

As the body comes apart, cells die, and blood and fluids follow gravity, infecting the surrounding materials with these fluids along with any viruses and bacteria they carry. In the case of a building, the fluids soak through flooring and damages the structure itself.

In murder-suicide cleanup cases like the house in Irvine, the structure underlying the affected area in the months following the murder-suicide was severely damaged and needed to be replaced before the estate could dispose of the property. To restore the property and make it safe for future residents, we carefully removed any unsalvageable personal belongings and all the affected building layers infected with the body fluids. We then used industrial-grade cleaning equipment to clean and disinfect the property along with permanent odor removal.

Indoor unattended deaths need permanent odor removal

Once all the infected substances have been removed and the property thoroughly cleaned, we use odor removal technology to permanently eliminate any lingering smell from the affected spaces. With this home in Irvine, the odor of the decomposing bodies had spread throughout the house but we have handled many such cases and have the experience to handle it.

Bio SoCal is here for the Irvine community

At Bio SoCal, each unattended death cleanup or murder-suicide cleanup we undertake is never just a job. Each one involves people who lived, breathed, and loved. Each one involves grieving loved ones and a surrounding community who just lost a friend or neighbor. It is for these people and their protection we undertake the cleanup while giving respect to the one they lost.

Our hearts reach out to the grieving loved ones of this family and to the entire Irvine community.

If you need biohazard cleanup for any reason, we are available 24/7 to be there for you in your time of need. Call us today at (949) 424-6299 for a free consultation and estimate.

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