Dealing with a suicide cleanup is never easy, that’s why Bio SoCal is here to provide information, advice, and assistance with all Biohazard matters in South California.

What steps are taken in a suicide cleanup?

During the incident of suicide, it is common that the site will contain blood, as well as feces and other hazardous fluids and materials. It is essential that the cleanup is coordinated and carried out by a licensed service experienced with biohazard waste.

If the site is in a home, there will often be porous substances around, such as carpet and furniture which may absorb harmful substances. These materials will need to be properly cleaned using our ecologically friendly biohazard cleaning products, and any items which cannot be cleaned must be disposed of as medical waste.

The Bio SoCal Service

Suicide cleanup is always a sensitive task, and it requires sensitive handling by the likes of the professionals at Bio SoCal. We are locally owned and operated, as well as having years of experience of serving our community in California and around the country. Our service is always discreet, and our staff will always handle all clients with empathy.

Bio SoCal offer an industry leading service, and we are fully licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Our staff have been trained to know precisely where to look, and how to clean even the most difficult areas, including in crevices, beneath floorboards, and in other hard to find places. We are in working relationships with all major insurance firms and will handle all of the insurance paperwork on your behalf.

What Will it Cost?

In most cases, there will be no out of pocket charges made directly to the client. If you have the appropriate insurance, we will simply handle things with your provider, allowing you to focus on recovering from what is usually a very stressful situation.

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