Our Bio SoCal team was recently in Oxnard, California, cleaning up a city street after a 50-year-old man was stabbed in late December.

When first responders arrived on the scene after hearing the report of a violent fight, they found a man had been stabbed multiple times. Even though medical staff immediately transported the victim to a local hospital, the man passed away despite the valiant efforts of first responders and the medical community.

The investigation as to what happened is still ongoing. If you have any information as to what happened, call Detective Kaya Boysan 805-385-7645.

Blood is both a life-giving and dangerous substance

We all know wounds to our bodies can have lasting impacts far beyond the initial injury. To help heal our bodies, we may have to undergo surgeries, therapy, and hospitalizations, and so we do our best to keep our limbs in one piece. What is less widely known is how dangerous it can be to come into contact with someone else’s blood, even someone you know well. While instinct says to avoid the substance, we don’t always understand the specific reasons behind it.

Think of your blood as the highway system throughout your body. Through this system, the body delivers nourishment and keeps us healthy but blood can also have numerous bacteria and microbes traveling through our veins. These microbes can then cause diseases to develop such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and the norovirus. Sometimes, the person carrying a disease in their blood doesn’t even know it’s there at the time their blood is spilled. When you touch someone else’s blood, the diseases their blood is carrying may find their way into you and infect your system as well.

Professional Blood Cleanup Company

When blood is spilled after an accident or crime such as the stabbing in Oxnard, Bio SoCal is here to help. Our team is thoroughly trained in professional blood cleanup and we know how to remove both the visible stains and the unseen bacteria that pose a threat when all else seems clean. With industrial cleaners and our wealth of experience, we’ll make sure every drop of blood has been thoroughly removed and the area safe for use. We clean up what others miss.

When we cleaned the city street in Oxnard after the stabbing, we made sure every bit of blood left behind was removed and the asphalt cleaned of all potential microbes and bacteria. We only complete a job when we know we’ve restored the safety of an area, enabling the public to use the property safely and without fear of disease.

Call us anytime

No matter the time of day, Bio SoCal is ready to step out and clean blood and other biohazards from anywhere in the Oxnard community. With our experience and extensive knowledge of biohazard cleanup, we are the company you can count on. Available 24-7, our team is always here to help you if you ever need blood cleanup. Whether you are dealing with a crime, accident, or death, we are here to clean up all the blood and other body fluids so you can occupy the property in peace and safety.

Give us a call today. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free quote and consultation.

Our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends who lost their loved one in this tragedy.

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