While renting your property through websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo can be financially rewarding, there are inherent risks that can lead to damage needing short term rental biohazard cleanup. Even with proper vetting of renters, accidents and crimes can happen involving the spill of blood, body fluids, and illegal drugs including:

  • Violent crime
  • Drug use
  • Suicide
  • Deaths
  • Accidents

When the unthinkable happens and you need specialized cleanup, our staff at Bio SoCal are here for you to make sure your property is safe and ready for the next renter.

When biohazards are found on your short-term rental property

When an accident, death, or crime occurs on your property, it is often the regular cleaners or the renters themselves who will first alert you or first responders to the problem. Police will then arrive if a crime or death has occurred to ascertain who is responsible and complete any needed investigation. Once their investigation is complete, the property is released back to the property owners who take responsibility for any needed cleanup.
Once the property is released back to you as the property owner, give our owner a call at Bio SoCal and we will handle all the biohazard cleanup and restore your property to safety.

Don’t clean it up yourself

Never let anyone untrained in biohazard cleanup undertake the emotional and physical trauma of cleaning your property after blood or body fluids have been spilled whether a regular cleaning staff or you yourself. Not only are fluids easy to miss for those without the proper experience, but it is also illegal to require others to clean up these materials for which they aren’t trained. Once the property is cleaned, you also must have the proper licenses and certificates to transport the biohazard waste. Without following every rule and regulation, you put your health and your business at risk.

Bio SoCal will Take Care of It

Our biohazard cleaners are experienced and well-trained in biohazard cleanup of all types and sizes. No matter the situation, we have the techniques and tools to take care of it and make sure the property is safe for the future. With industrial-grade cleaners and personal protective equipment, we quickly get to work and restore your short-term rental for the next guest.

Property Damage Guarantee

Both Airbnb and Vrbo have property damage remuneration policies that will help pay to restore your property if a guest damages anything while staying at your listing.

  • Airbnb: You can charge a renter through the website for any damages such as a ruined towel or broken luggage rack. For damage such as blood cleanup or more extensive damage the renter or your property insurance doesn’t cover, Airbnb offers AirCover which includes up to $1 Million in property damage reimbursement.
  • Vrbo: Vrbo allows you to require a damage deposit or for the renter to purchase accidental damage protection which would pay the owner up to $5,000 for damages depending on the purchased amount of protection.

We work with your insurance

When renting all or part of your home out on a short-term basis, you need to carry extra insurance on your homeowners policy to protect yourself, the building structure, and your belongings. While you will need to check your policy for specific coverage, our team at Bio SoCal will make it easy for you by carefully documenting all the damage and filing the claim on your behalf. We will then be there to answer any questions from the adjusters so all you have to do is manage your next renters.

Bio SoCal is available 24/7

Accidents, a death, or crimes can happen at any time at your short-term rental property. At Bio SoCal, we are available any time of day, every day of the year so you are never without help when you need it. We understand time is of the essence and you need to get your property back to rentable condition. Simply give us a call, answer some basic questions so we know what help you need, and we’ll send out a team to clean the biohazards and protect your business.

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