Bio SoCal Cleans Up After Murder-Suicide Redondo Beach

In our experience, we find that murder/suicide cases leave behind more questions than there are answers. Recently, Bio SoCal was called upon to clean and decontaminate a home in Redondo Beach after a mother killed her 10 year old son and herself. While compassionately providing timely and professional suicide cleanup and murder cleanup, we worked hard to ensure the emotional and physical safety of those left behind in Redondo Beach.

Whenever an event like this occurs, the family and friends of the victim need a fast and thorough cleanup so they can recover personal items, obtain safe access to the property, and focus on the process of grieving. We at Bio SoCal were glad we could be there for those in Redondo Beach to help them deal with the mess left behind for no one should ever have to deal with a scene needing murder cleanup or suicide cleanup without outside professional help.

At Bio SoCal, our team of professionals value being there for people in hard places with the expertise to make their road a little easier, the load of what needs to be done a little lighter and the scene restored to what it was before. With 24-hour availability, we are always here for you around the clock ready to come to the scene and complete the murder or suicide cleanup as soon as the police have released the area.

Though we know we can never bring back someone who has died, we are always committed to helping the survivors however we can, regularly going the extra mile to make sure people don’t have to worry about the property but can attend to what’s important. After completing the cleanup in Redondo Beach, restoring the home and returning personal items to the family, we still wonder what brought the mother to that point and our hearts break for those
left behind.

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