Bio SoCal was backstage in Exposition Park after the Once Upon a Time in L.A. festival concert cleaning up after the stabbing and subsequent death of Drakeo the Ruler.

Stabbing of Drakeo the Ruler

While Drakeo the Ruler, a 28-year-old rapper whose real name was Darrell Wayne Campbell, was waiting to perform at the concert in downtown L.A., a fight broke out on the roadway backstage involving several people. During the altercation, Drakeo was stabbed in the neck. While police rushed to the scene and paramedics attended to the victim, Drakeo’s injuries were severe, and he died later the next day at a local hospital.

The festival itself went on just a little longer before concert organizers decided to cancel and it was announced the concert was ending early and everyone needed to leave. Investigators then completed their task of gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses before releasing the scene back to the property owners. Once the police were done, Bio SoCal was then called to come clean the roadway of all blood and body fluids to protect the public from any and all biohazards remaining after the crime. With experience cleaning crime scenes spanning from mass shootings to small spaces, Bio SoCal is the trusted crime scene cleaner throughout Southern California, and we are always willing to help at a moment’s notice.

Crime Scene Cleanup in L.A.

Tragedies such as the stabbing at the concert in L.A. are tragic events. When they happen, our team at Bio SoCal works hard to make sure the tragedy ends with the crime itself by thoroughly cleaning all blood, body fluids, investigative chemicals, and other biohazards such as tear gas and drug paraphernalia (if applicable). Once we ensure the harmful substances are removed from the scene and disposed of responsibly, we then sanitize and disinfect all the surfaces, nooks, and crannies, so no viruses or bacteria remain to infect another person or damage a building structure.

Compassionate Service Amid Tragedy

All our staff at Bio SoCal provide compassionate service to all those caught in the midst of tragedy such as a stabbing or homicide. Often in shock and reeling with grief for lost loved ones or overwhelmed with caring for victims as they recover, we treat every person with the utmost respect and kindness, understanding they are going through life-altering events. From gently answering any questions, working quickly with as little disruption as possible, to handling insurance claims, we strive to take as much weight off people’s shoulders as humanly possible by superior biohazard cleanup so people can concentrate on their own recovery, grief, and healing.

In the case of the concert stabbing, our team at Bio SoCal knew we needed to clean up the roadway and make it safe as quickly as possible, not only for the safety of the public, but for all the workers taking down the venue at the park. For us, cleaning an area after someone dies is also a sign of respect to the victims and, in this case, to Drakeo and his family. Just as our bodies deserve respect when we pass away, no one’s blood should be left on the ground uncared for. Our hearts hurt to know this young man’s life was taken in such a brutal way.

Drakeo leaves behind his family including his mother, brother, and a young son, friends, and many fans. Our deepest condolences to them all. May he rest in peace.

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