On a Tuesday in May, Bio SoCal was called upon to help a family begin to recover after a senseless homicide in Irvine. We are glad we could help but of course wish we didn’t need to.

Police were first alerted to the homicide situation when a man called his parole officer to tell him he had just killed his wife. Multiple Irvine police officers arrived at the residence with lights and sirens blaring to find the man waiting in the home with his wife’s body lying on the kitchen floor, already deceased and showing signs of trauma. Officers arrested both the husband and a male tenant (who was later declared innocent). Upon further investigation, it was revealed the wife had a protective stay-away-order against her husband due to a domestic violence violation back in November 2020. The suspect is currently being held in jail until his trial date.

We are there so you don’t have to be

Whenever we are at a scene cleaning up after a homicide, accident, or suicide, we wish we could have somehow kept safe the person who died instead of only being able to protect the survivors by cleaning up any biohazards and investigative chemicals left behind. This is particularly true in domestic violence cases such as this when an innocent person is killed by an abuser. It breaks our hearts to see the situation, but we take comfort in knowing that by us handling the homicide cleanup of the biohazards left behind, the families won’t ever have to see it. Hopefully, those who have lost loved ones never have to witness for themselves the tragic scenes left behind that we see every day, scenes they would never be able to forget. By handling the cleanup on the family’s behalf, we know we not only keep the survivors physically safe but can prevent further emotional trauma as well as they grieve and sort through belongings.

Property insurance usually covers crime scene cleanup

Most property insurance covers the cost of professional biohazard cleanup after events such as homicide, accidents, and other crime scene cleanups. If for some reason you are not covered, there are financial resources available to victims of crime to pay for our services.

Everyone deserves an escape from domestic violence

No one deserves to feel unsafe whether out in public or at home. Whether you are suffering through domestic abuse or you know someone who needs help finding a way out, there are both national and local resources to help people escape from dangerous situations.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: “24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the National Domestic Violence Hotline provides essential tools and support to help survivors of domestic violence so they can live their lives free of abuse. Contacts to The Hotline can expect highly-trained, expert advocates to offer free, confidential, and compassionate support, crisis intervention information, education, and referral services in over 200 languages.”

Human Options: Human Options, an emergency shelter and resource organization located here in Irvine, ignites “social change by educating Orange County to recognize relationship violence as an issue that threatens everyone, advocating for those affected by abuse, extending a safe place for victims and empowering survivors on their journey of healing.”

City of Irvine Victim Services: There is legal and financial help for crime victims including victims of abuse. Whether you need a crisis assistance, a court advocate, guidance through the legal system, or emergency financial assistance, there are resources available and people to help you here in Irvine. There are even two police officers assigned to serve as liasons with the LGBTQ+ community.

Crime scene cleanup available 24/7

When tragedy strikes our communities here in Southern California, Bio SoCal is here with a helping hand. With compassion and experience, our staff make sure all body fluids have been removed after a crime or accident and the area is safe to occupy.

Available 24/7, Bio SoCal is always available throughout Irvine. Whether you have questions, need a free quote and consultation, or have a situation needing immediate biohazard remediation, our team is always here for you. With a strong reputation for customer service and quality cleanup, we are just a phone call away.

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