The homeless situation in Los Angeles and across America is at an all-time high. For many communities the issues homelessness is now worse than ever and is a crisis with few answers.

Makeshift temporary shelters have been erected through out Los Angeles and the surrounding counties, often causing unsanitary and contiguous conditions, mounds of trash and a nuisance to the residents. Bio So Cal is fully licensed and qualified to safely remove the debris and decontaminate and dispose of all biohazards in Los Angeles Homeless Encampments on both private and public property and can help guide you through the laws and requirements in doing so.

Homeless Encampment

Homeless Encampment Before

Homeless Encampment Cleanout

Homeless Encampment After

Bio SoCal’s Homeless Encampment Team will:

Remove all biohazards including feces illegal drugs, paraphernalia, & eedles.

Clean & Decontaminate bodily fluids including blood, feces, and vomit

Remove all debris and dismantle temporary shelters


Homeless encampments can affect us in many ways. In the majority of cases, unsightly temporary shelters create litter filled areas in our neighbourhoods. In most cases, the unsheltered cause a health and safety concern due to untreated medical conditions, accumulation of human waste, spoiled food, rodents, insects, and infectious disease and overall dirty environments around you residence or business.

In order to safely remove a homeless encampment that is generally filled with biohazards it is important that trained professionals address the issue. Bio So Cal is registered with the California Department of Public Health to provide biohazard clean up including homeless encampments and a variety of other services. For more information about our discreet services, check out the rest of our website, or get in touch by phone.


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