Bio SoCal was on scene for biohazard cleanup near the end of June when a father murdered his 7-year-old son then killed himself.

Murder-Suicide in Thousand Oaks

The murder-suicide in Thousand Oaks, CA , as reported by the Acorn, was first discovered when police responded to a call about a potential suicide at the 2300 block of Chiquita Lane. When officers from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, they found a man lying dead on the floor with his son unresponsive beside him. While the man was pronounced dead at the scene, his son was taken to Los Robles Regional Medical Center where, despite the best efforts of hospital staff, the boy was also pronounced deceased.

Upon investigation and completed autopsies, it was determined the man strangled his son first and then hung himself. No information has been given on motivation or any suicide note.

Bio SoCal at the crime scene to help

Our team at Bio SoCal understands when you are suffering an unspeakable crisis such as losing family members to a murder-suicide, the shock, and grief is overwhelming. Such an event can make it vastly difficult to handle tasks such as calling for the biohazard and crime scene cleanup. When we do receive such a call like this one, we compassionately ask only for the details we need to complete the task and then head over right after the police release the scene so we can mitigate any damage.

Once at the property, we quickly seal off the affected area. Then, working top to bottom, we clean and disinfect the scene of blood, body fluids, drug paraphernalia, and investigative chemicals as well as restoring any salvageable personal belongings for those left behind. Before leaving, we also make sure any lingering odor is removed so any physical evidence on the property is gone and you can start processing your grief in peace. In every situation we undertake, our client’s peace of mind and safety is our number one priority. We’ll even file the property insurance claim on your behalf so you don’t have to bother with the paperwork. All we need is access to the property and your insurance information to take the problem off your shoulders.

Call 988 for help

If you or a loved one are thinking of hurting yourself or others, take a moment to call 988, the National Suicide Hotline. What can you expect after calling 988? You can expect little to no holds or wait times, you never have to feel alone when struggling with your own or a loved one’s mental health. When you call, you will be immediately directed to trained counselors at the call center nearest you. They will be able to talk with and support you in your time of need. For 90% of callers, this one call is enough to get them through. For the other 10%, counselors will help you find local, in-person care to walk with you as you work through the crisis.

Though it may not seem like it when struggling with mental health, there is help available and there can be better days. But a decision such as hurting another or killing yourself will last a lifetime. Before making such a permanent choice, call for help at 988.

Call Bio SoCal for quality biohazard remediation

When it comes to biohazard cleanup, Bio SoCal is always there to help. With 24/7 service, we provide quality biohazard remediation throughout Thousand Oaks and Southern California. Whether you have any questions or need immediate service, we are here to help.

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