Bio SoCal was recently on-site to conduct a crime scene cleanup in Riverside after a man broke into the home of a 78-year-old woman and killed her. This case was one of the more difficult for us to comprehend and, as always, we are left with the question of “why.”

Family members became worried for their loved one when she didn’t answer calls, so they instigated a welfare check with local authorities. When police arrived, they noticed one of the back windows had been broken and they found the woman’s body inside along with evidence her vehicle had been stolen. Using evidence obtained during the investigation, they arrested the man, and he is currently undergoing trial for a variety of charges related to her murder.

Bio SoCal is here for families in distress

Wherever families are in distress, whether in Riverside or elsewhere, Bio SoCal is here for them to clean up the unsafe conditions and restore order to the property so the family can grieve in safety. In this case, our staff diligently cleaned up the tragic scene from all the blood and body fluids while going the extra mile to care for those left behind.

With compassion and experience cleaning everything from small homes after a crime to a mass casualty situation, our biohazard cleanup teams at Bio SoCal know what it takes to be there for people who need a safe environment restored to access important papers and personal belongings, prevent further damage, and provide a clean and disinfected area for people to live and work in.

Removing every trace of the crime in Riverside

While we know we can never bring back the life of this dearly loved woman in Riverside, our staff at Bio SoCal did everything we could to make sure all traces of the crime were fully removed. By meticulously cleaning the entire area, we made sure the family left behind can pack and handle the estate without being concerned for their own safety or worried the property would be further damaged by missed body fluids. Clean and safe, they are free to move about and find their way forward.

Bio SoCal is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Bio SoCal is always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help families and property owners however we can during a difficult event such as an accident, homicide, or unattended death. With experienced biohazard cleaning technicians ready to help anywhere throughout Riverside and the larger Southern California area, a solution tailored to your individual needs is just one call away.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this woman and we thank law enforcement for finding and arresting the person responsible for her death.

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