It’s never an easy situation for loved ones when dealing with the sudden and unexpected loss of family members. Recently, we were called to a home in Borrego Springs, California after a woman reported to police she hadn’t seen her neighbors in nearly a week. When police conducted a wellness check, they discovered the bodies of a mother and her adult son, both of whom had died of gunshot wounds. After the investigation was complete, Bio SoCal was called to the home to clean up the aftermath of murder-suicide.

Bio SoCal understands that tragedies can happen any time of day. Whenever they do, Bio SoCal is there for people at the worst moments of their lives to clean and restore any affected areas so they are safe to access. We know that friends and family, reeling from the loss, may need things from the scene and we want them to be able to find them as soon as possible while staying healthy themselves and without experiencing any further trauma. With compassion and kindness, we work as quickly as possible to make this happen while meticulously making sure every biohazard has been removed and the affected area is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected.

If you’ve experienced a violent crime on your property, we are here to help you begin the recovery process. As soon as the police complete their investigation and release the scene, we can be there to quickly clean up the aftermath so you can move forward. Our top priority is your well-being so if there is anything we can do to make the process easier, let us know and we will help however we can so you can move forward.

At Bio SoCal, we never take the work we do lightly. Every time we are called to such a scene, our hearts hurt for all those affected. Today, our thoughts are with the friends and family of those who died in Borrego Springs and we hope that by making sure the home is safe and clean gave them space to focus on grieving their loved ones.

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