Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for someone living alone to pass away, and not be immediately noticed by friends or family members.

What happens in the case of an unattended death?

If a body is left for days or weeks after death, the decomposition process begins to take place, this is often associated with a strong odour, which can often be the cause of the body’s discovery. The site is often distressing, and can be disturbing for those without experience in dealing with such incidents.

The site is declared a biohazard, and can be hazardous, causing illness and disease if not dealt with properly. In situations like this, it is the task of licensed professionals to decontaminate the site in adherence of strict guidelines.

A discreet and sensitive service

At Bio SoCal we understand how distressing it can be for whoever has to personally deal with an unattended death, and we’re on hand to offer advice and immediate assistance to any person or business in this situation. The service we provide is confidential, and discreet, and we use unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy.

The cost

Providing that you have home insurance, in most cases we will deal with your insurers to handle your claim for our services. We will also inventory and handle any insurance claims on any personal items which may have been damaged or contaminated beyond recovery. Our company has existing bonds with many major insurers, speeding up the process, and if you do not have home insurance then we can provide you with a free quote for our service.

Why Bio SoCal?

Bio SoCal offer the industry leading biohazard cleanup service in California, and we are also locally owned and operated. Our service is the best in the game thanks to the friendly and professional service that we deliver, as well as the discretion and care that we take while carrying out our service. The company is fully licensed to carry out our work by the California Department of Public Health, and we offer our service at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year for immediate assistance.

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