If you’re looking for a fully licensed biohazard / crime scene cleanup service, then the chances are that you have personally been affected by a serious crime or accident. Bio SoCal are a locally owned and operated biohazard cleanup company which understands the way our service affects the client, that is why we deliver only the most friendly, professional, and discreet service to all of our clients.

If a serious crime or accident has taken place on your property, leaving behind it hazardous material, then it is essential that the site is decontaminated as quickly as possible. Biohazard materials include: blood, urine, faeces, vomit, other bodily fluids, used needles, body tissue, or anything which is decomposing, or which might cause illness or disease.

If a biohazard is not cleaned up properly it can lead to dangerous pathogens in the air which may cause illness. The area is also likely to attract flies and insects, resulting in further decontamination of the area. A biohazard cleanup is governed by strict rules, so if you are not sure if you can ask an employee to clean the area, then make sure that you call a licensed company to avoid being liable.

Once the cleanup has been completed, we will usually be able to handle all of the insurance related matters, meaning that you won’t see a bill for the service. Bio SoCal have existing relationships with most major insurance companies allowing your claim to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our service is on hand day and night, 365 days a year for immediate response to biohazards of any kind. Our service is discreet and anonymous, covered by insurance, and fully licensed by the California Department of Public Health (the CDPH). For more information, or to request immediate assistance, give our team at Bio SoCal a Call.

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