Bio SoCal is always there for our community for biohazard clean up after any crime or traumatic incident occurs involving blood or other biohazards. Whatever the situation is, our staff are highly trained in biohazard cleanup and are always on-call to tailor a solution to your needs whenever you need us.

After a recent shooting in Palm Desert, our staff of professional biohazard cleaners were onsite cleaning blood off the pavement and surrounding environment to protect the local business owners and customers using the shopping area.

Shooting in Palm Desert

As reported in the news by ABC 7 and the Desert Sun, 33-year-old Aaron Solorio Granados of Palm Desert stood outside C.V. Guns & Ammo in the 41000 block of Boardwalk Ave scoping out the front entrance around 10:30 p.m. Security camera footage then shows him getting into his car and ramming it into the front entrance of the store multiple times to gain illegal entry. Due to glass breaking, the security alarm went off and when the police arrived, they found the car crashed into the building with the suspect still inside the store. After surrounding the building and taking up positions, the police announced themselves to the suspect and ordered him to come out with his hands up. When the man came out of the building, he held what seemed to be a semiautomatic rifle and refused to put it down after multiple requests. The police then fired on the man and he died at the scene.

Reach out for help

Though we do not know what was going through this young man’s head the night he tried robbing the store or why he made the decisions he did, we do know there are others struggling as he may have been. If you need help or are in a crisis, reach out for help first before it is too late. Nearby Palm Springs has a crisis hotline. On their website, they also list numerous other crisis lines and other sources of help from around Riverside County that you can call for free. There is always someone else on the other end of the line who can talk with and listen to you.

We’re here whenever you need us

If you are dealing with a crime scene or traumatic incident involving blood or other biohazards, give Bio SoCal a call. We provide biohazard cleanup throughout the Coachella Valley, are available 24-7, and care about you and your family’s well-being. Whether you have questions on biohazard cleanup or need help right away, we’re just a phone call away.

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