Alan and WinstonBio SoCal is always looking for ways to help people in addition to cleaning up biohazards throughout Southern California. It is why we do what we do – we help people every day from many angles.

A month ago, we cleared a hoard for a client and a relatively new Craftsman 33-gallon compressor was removed with the intention to donate it to someone who needed it. Our practice is to only donate items to those who truly need whatever it is we have and we have to be sure they are not going to simply turn around and sell the item we’ve given.

While looking for someone who needed the air compressor, we came across a post about a man named Winston Donated Compressor and Toolswhose work truck was stolen from his home including all his painting equipment stored inside. As a family operated business and painting contractor, this catastrophe left him without a way to run his business, pay his bills, or feed his family.

To help get Winston back to work and doing what he loves, we donated the air compressor to him along with painting tools and supplies. The donation vs the $500 we could have gotten if we had sold the air compressor is priceless and is why we do what we do. Donated Compressor in the back of a black pickup truckBio SoCal always works hard to donate what others allow us to remove to those who need it.

No matter where you live, it takes a village willing to help another person in need. By working together and with everyone pitching in, we can change lives for the better. Here at Bio SoCal, we always feel good when we help other people and continually look for opportunities to pass along kindness and assistance.

Take a moment and look around. Who nearby needs help? What kind of help do you have to offer others? Even the smallest acts can make a huge difference to someone in need.

All of us at Bio SoCal are thrilled we could be there for Winston and look forward to helping others in the future.

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