It was, unfortunately, a very busy weekend for Bio SoCal’s on-call crew as they responded to a homicide in Agoura Hills, several unattended deaths, and a COVID-19 disinfection. While we take pride in being there for our community in times of need, offering our expertise in professional murder and suicide cleanup, seeing the homes of the victims and the distraught families left behind reminds us of the deep humanity we all share.

So often when a news report of an accident or shooting is run, there is so much beyond the story we never see or hear about. While an article online may be scanned through as we glance through the headlines, for our staff at Bio SoCal, we are reminded daily of the stories behind the articles. We see the wife newly widowed after the accident, the children of the shooting victims coming to grips with the loss of their parents, and the business owner trying to regain a sense of order after a crime has been committed at their store. None of us see the huge network of family and friends left shocked and grieved, all the people who loved and cared for the one who passed. However, we do know the effects of a few moments can last the rest of someone’s life in ways they never imagined or can cut someone else’s life short when they were always sure they would have tomorrow.

Officers Found 2 People Dead Inside the Townhome

One of the events we cleaned up after this last weekend was an apparent murder-suicide in Agoura Hills, California. After a neighbor called the police requesting a welfare check, officers found two people inside a townhome shot to death. With a weapon at the scene and no suspect, they are currently investigating it as a murder-suicide. The woman, Sherry Thomas, 49, and John Mann, 57, were once in a relationship and experiencing a domestic dispute, according to a neighbor. The mother of two children, Sherry was a well-known entrepreneur and business owner throughout Conejo Valley. She founded Blush Boutique and built the business to the point where there are three locations in Encino, Calabasas, and Thousand Oaks. A well-respected and familiar face throughout the area, Sherry’s life affected so many and will be greatly missed.

In these especially difficult times with so much going on, it is easy to keep to ourselves and forget the friends and extended family we care about outside our four walls. Today, though, take the time to check in on them, see how they are doing, and ask if they need any help. Life can change so quickly any day we walk this earth but especially in this time of the pandemic, political unrest, and protests, life can be especially unpredictable. Don’t take those you love for granted. Enjoy their presence and stay safe.

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