Suicide is a tragic event however it happens. For property owners who have someone jump or fall from a building on their property, the suicide can have other tragic effects if not properly handled. If you are a property owner, there are four important things you need to know if you ever have someone commit suicide on your property in this way.

  1. Create a barrier: As soon as you find out about the suicide, put up a barrier to keep everyone far away from the scene until the police arrive and create a barrier of their own. Not only is there the emotional trauma of seeing the body of someone who has committed suicide but the person who fell could have had any number of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA, C. Diff, along with other viruses and bacteria – diseases which can be lurking in the bodily fluids now on the sidewalk or roadway, ready to infect another. Even if an area nearby seems clean, when a body hits the ground, bodily fluids will reach far and wide and you can’t even see everywhere they may have landed. Protect yourselves and others by keeping people and animals far away.
  2. Call for a biohazard cleanup company right away: As soon as you find out about the suicide, call Bio SoCal’s biohazard cleanup crew immediately so we can be on hand as soon as the police release the scene and the coroner removes the body. Due to the highly infectious nature of diseases in bodily fluids, it’s important to have the area thoroughly cleaned up by professional biohazard cleanup companies as soon as possible. As regular cleaning crews don’t know how to handle these types of biohazards or identify all of the places biohazards go, protect yourself from all future liability by hiring a reputable company such as Bio SoCal, which has technicians who are experienced, licensed, and fully trained for this type of specialized cleanup.
  3. The cleaning process: Once the scene is cleared by law enforcement, the biohazard cleanup technicians will don their PPE (Professional Protective Equipment) and begin the cleanup process. They will remediate all biohazards from the impacted area. A thorough inspection will be made to ensure that all biohazards have been found, cleaned and decontaminated. Once the biohazard cleanup team has finished, the area will be safe to enter and repair, if necessary.
  4. Bio SoCal will bill you after we’re done: Having a suicide take place on your property is never something a property owner expects to happen. As a biohazard cleanup company, we understand the emergency nature of the work and will bill you or your property insurance after we clean up the remains of the suicide.

Dealing with the effects of suicide can be immensely difficult but if not cleaned up right away, the tragedy can expand to numerous others through emotional trauma and disease. Protect your business’s reputation and the health of all your clients and employees by hiring Bio SoCal, a licensed, bonded, and insured biohazard cleanup company.

If you have any questions about suicide cleanup, or need us to come to your place of business anytime day or night, give Bio SoCal a call and we will be happy to help.

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