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Santa Ana Biohazard Cleanup

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Dealing with any situation involving biohazards can be a difficult and grievous time. If you’re in the midst of a situation such as suicide, crime, or an unattended death, we at Bio SoCal are here for you 24-7 to quickly and compassionately clean and decontaminate the entire area and make sure you Santa Ana home or business is safe to use so you can concentrate on recovery. Whether you are lost in grief or are trying to clean up biohazards at your business, a quick solution is only a phone call away.

Suicide Cleanup

Losing a loved one to suicide can be a deeply traumatic experience. In the days after, amidst deep grief and difficulty, the survivors must also handle the needed cleanup once the police and detectives have released the scene. At Bio SoCal, we are here for you with a fast response, compassionate service, and the highest quality in blood and bodily fluid cleanup so you can cope with what is truly important.

With all blood and bodily fluids classified as biohazard substances, never allow a friend or family member to clean the area for you. Not only do you open yourself to legal liability for any future damages, but there are also needed legal licenses and permits to dispose of such material. Our team at Bio SoCal area always available to step in whenever you need us whether day or night and are here for you 24-7 to make sure you never have to wait for a solution or risk you and your family’s health in an unsafe situation.

Crime Scene Cleanup

As safe as we like to think Santa Ana is, crimes do occur. Sometimes someone is injured in the process requiring crime cleaners to be called and biohazards to be remediated. Bio SoCal is the go-to company for crime scene cleanup in Santa Ana. More than cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids, our expert team at Bio So Cal are experienced in all types of crime scene cleanup. From stabbings, mass shootings, to all other violent crimes and accidents, we know what it takes to thoroughly clean a property and salvage any belongings possible. Substances we’ve encountered needing cleanup after a crime include:

  • blood
  • bodily fluids
  • fingerprint powder
  • pepper spray
  • drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • tear gas
  • chemicals used to investigate the crime

The danger of these substances can vary between bloodborne pathogens to drugs too dangerous to even touch with your bare skin. Our team at Bio SoCal know what it takes to protect you, ourselves, and anyone who may encounter the area in the future. With professional equipment able to quickly clean large areas and cleaning solutions, we do whatever it takes to make sure the entire area is decontaminated and sanitized.

Death Cleanup

Whenever a person dies, it is a grievous situation. When they die without being discovered for a time, anywhere from days to weeks, the resulting decomposition cleanup goes far beyond simply removing a body. As a body decomposes, especially in a hot environment like Santa Ana, body fluids break down and seep through porous material such as fabric, carpet, grout, and dry wall. Cross-contamination is a factor with unattended death scenes. To clean an area after an unattended death, each of these layers must be fully removed and the rest of the area thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized in order to be inhabitable by others. Without this full cleanup by a licensed and insured biohazard cleanup company, the original property owner is legally liable for any future damages due to improper cleanup. Bio SoCal knows what it takes to thoroughly cleanup after an unattended death, permanently remove any odor, and will ensure the safety of all involved.

Bio SoCal is the #1 Recommended Biohazard Cleanup Company in Santa Ana

As the #1 recommended biohazard cleanup company in Santa Ana, Bio SoCal strives to provide the best service in Orange County. We have gained trust over the years, not only for our work, but for caring and customer service. Your safety, both emotionally and physically, are our number one priority. We know that quite often situations surrounding a biohazard cleanup are emotional. We take care of the biohazard cleanup, so you can focus on other more important, and sometimes pressing issues at hand.

Our staff at Bio SoCal respect your privacy. Arriving in unmarked vehicles with plain uniforms, we clean all the items, salvage every personal belonging we can, then clean, decontaminate, and sanitize the entire area. We make sure that all blood and bodily fluids have been fully removed and the area is safe to use.
In addition to the above services, we also provide:

  • Blood Cleanup
  • Infectious Disease Cleanup
  • C Diff
  • MRSA
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Odor Removal

Call Us for Immediate Service

If you need help cleaning up in biohazards in Santa Ana, call us any time of day, 24-7, at (714) 831-0088. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with a free consultation and estimate. A solution is only a phone call away.

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Bio SoCal was on the crime scene helping to get the victims apartment and the properties exterior common areas cleaned and decontaminated. Never an easy situation but glad we could help.

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