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Bio SoCal Biohazard Cleaning Company Uses Unmarked Vehicles

With so many people working from home these days, there is usually someone out and about or glancing out their windows to survey the neighborhood around them. In this kind of environment, little occurs along a street or around a business that escapes the notice of passersby.

Normally not much of a problem, this can be devastating to a family or to the reputation of a business when a tragic event such as a crime, suicide, drug issue, hoarding, or infectious disease contamination occurs on their property needing biohazard cleanup. If a truck were to pull up in the driveway advertising blood and body tissue cleanup, a dozen prying eyes would soon know about it causing discomfort, gossip, and possible loss of business income.

To keep this from happening, when we are conducting biohazard cleanup in communities throughout Southern California, all our cleaning crews drive unmarked vehicles, wear plain uniforms, and stay out of sight as much as possible wherever we go. With no logos, branding, or business descriptions anywhere on the sides or back or our vehicles, no one but you will know who we are and what we are there to do.

Your privacy is our priority

Our team at Bio SoCal understand you may be going through one of the worst moments of your life. The last thing you need is a bunch of people asking unwanted questions and bothering you when you want to comfort your loved ones, manage your business, or get your property cleaned up to go forward.

To keep all prying eyes at bay with no indication of what may have occurred, we never advertise our presence. We simply come to your property, assess the situation, and take care of the issues. You, of course, are welcome to share your story if you wish, but we do not talk to the neighbors, answer anyone’s questions but yours, and don’t speak with the media. With your safety and privacy as our priorities, you can rest assured that whatever occurred remains private and the resulting biohazards are handled quickly and discreetly.

We work hard to protect your business’s reputation

As a locally run business ourselves, we understand that a business can live or die by its reputation. We also know that while a good reputation can take years to build, it can be destroyed in a relatively short amount of time. Thus, each member of our team works hard to protect this most valuable asset of yours by keeping private whatever work we are handling on your behalf. Whether a crime was committed on your property, a tragic accident occurred, or you have mold issues in a bathroom, we are here for you to make the reputation you’ve worked hard to build stays intact.

With Bio SoCal, you never have to worry a client or fellow business owner will see a truck pull up to your property advertising biohazard cleanup. The whole time we are on the job, we’ll keep a low profile, go through the back door whenever possible, and work quickly to get your reopened and back to business as usual.

Your safety and privacy are why we’re here

Bio SoCal has never been in business just for ourselves. From our very beginnings, we’ve worked hard to be there for our clients and neighbors in their time of need. Knowing we’ve been able to help each person we work with by providing them with a safe environment in which to live and work is what we are here for. You’ll never hear us ask any unneeded questions or be disrespectful of any individual or property. Keeping other prying eyes away while we’re at it is just one more way that we put you first.

Bio SoCal uses unmarked trucks for our customers privacy

Bio SoCal's white unmarked truck parked sideways
Bio SoCal's white unmarked truck and dump trailer

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