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Biohazard, Crime Scene, and Hoarding Cleanup in Ojai

When police were called to conduct a well-being check on a 74-year-old woman in Ojai, California, back in March of 2019, they never expected to find a home filled with rats, trash, urine, and feces. It was a home you would never want a loved one living in. Refused admittance, police returned the next day after noticing the strong urine smell and the urine and feces stains on the clothes of the two sisters who came to the door.

Upon their return, officers found three occupants living in the front room: a 69-year-old woman, her 74-year-old sister, and their 96-year-old father. Living with them in the front room was 55 wild rats in cages with 200-700 throughout the whole house, 12 dogs, two rabbits, one cat, and one African Grey Parrot.

Throughout the home were trash-strewn rooms, rusty animal cages filled with feces, filthy walls, and dirty appliances. In short, it was a place where no human or animal should be living. In one bedroom alone, there were piles of trash, old newspapers, stained blankets, and empty vodka bottles. Everywhere the police looked, there were rats running about.

For Bio SoCal, we saw a bigger picture beyond the piles of trash and the rat feces shown on the news. We saw how the home could be restored to safe living conditions for either the current residents or new ones. After years of experience cleaning out other homes similar to this one, we know what it involves to take a home such as this and restore it to a space you could live in safely.

Biohazard cleanup

With an estimate of up to 700 rats living in the two-bedroom Ojai house, there was a huge amount of biohazardous rat feces and urine to remove. On top of that, there was mold, rotten food, body fluids, and a deep layer of dirt, dust, and crumbs on nearly every surface. For Bio SoCal, though, we know how to dig into any biohazard cleanup situation in Ojai and restore the property to a livable state. Whether the dangerous substance is blood, vomit, chemicals, drugs, bodily fluids, or urine and feces, such as in this case, we know how to quickly clean them all while protecting ourselves and others and disinfecting each surface along with the nooks and crannies between them.

Always available, 24-7, with fast response times and quality biohazard cleanup, Bio SoCal cleans every type of area from large to small. With no money taken at the time of service, our priority is your safety and the safety of those you care for. As most property insurance covers the cost of much of our biohazard cleanup work, we can even file the claim on your behalf.

Crime scene cleanup

After the police leave a crime scene and the investigators have collected the evidence they need, the property owner is left whatever mess is left behind. Whether it is blood left on the carpet after a violent attack, suicide, or murder, drug paraphernalia from an illegal drug lab, or urine and feces in a case of adult abuse such as this one, the person who owns the property where the crime took place has the legal responsibility to make sure it is all cleaned up and safety restored. Never something an untrained person should undertake, crime scene cleanup in Ojai should only be handled by those professionally trained in how to fully clean the area while keeping everyone involved safe from harm.

Bio SoCal has spent years cleaning up after all types of crimes including horrific crimes such as mass casualty scenes to small ones where one person was injured. No matter what you’re dealing with, Bio SoCal has the solution to make sure the area is restored to pre-event conditions, not only smelling fresh and clean but with all biohazards fully removed and surfaces disinfected.

Hoarding cleanup

With rat feces and urine not only spread through the trash in every room, across every floor, and inside the walls, cleaning out this home in Ojai took extensive biohazard remediation to make sure all the hazards were removed and safety restored. Without the proper protection, capabilities, and resources to quickly clean out properties like this, an average person could miss a lot of dangerous biohazards that could make someone in the area ill. With our professional hoarding cleanup specialists at Bio SoCal, you can rest easy know we’ve thoroughly cleaned out all the biohazards and restored a clean, fresh space in their place. In addition, we salvage for you any precious belongings or lost items and donate and recycle responsibly whenever possible.

Woman charged with elder abuse

After officers arrested and charged the 69-year old woman with elder abuse (a felony) and failure to care for animals (a misdemeanor), the city of Ojai yellow-tagged their home meaning no one could legally live there until the health issues were fully remediated. The father and sister have since been given medical care and received assistance from the Ventura County Adult Protection Services. Though we don’t know what happened to each individual after we finished cleaning the home of all biohazards, by restoring peace of mind to both the property owner and surrounding neighborhood, we know that if they ever return, it will be to a place that would be safe to call home and we are proud to have been a part of that journey.

Bio SoCal offers immediate service

If you ever need biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, of hoarding cleanup anywhere throughout Ojai, Bio SoCal is always here to help. Simply call us at (805) 852-1600. We’ll be happy to answer questions, provide a free consultation and estimate, or immediately send a crew out to get to work and take the load off your shoulders.

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