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Death Cleanup in Palm Desert

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Palm Desert Death Cleanup

Palm Desert Death CleanupWhenever there has been a death in Palm Desert and blood or other bodily fluids have been left behind, it is extremely dangerous and needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible while making sure all bio hazardous waste is properly disposed of. If you need help cleaning up after a death, call us at Bio SoCal for fast, professional service.

Can I clean up after the dead body myself?

Cleaning up after a death in your Palm Desert home or business can be extremely difficult and emotionally overwhelming. Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a crime, suicide, or unattended death, the extent of needed biohazard remediation can be anywhere from small and easy to extensive and widespread. In addition, most people don’t know how to properly clean up biohazards or have the professional equipment or the proper cleaning products needed to truly clean up after blood and other biohazardous materials or the correct licenses and permits to dispose of it in accordance with federal and local rules and regulations.

Whether the dead body was found immediately after a violent crime or decomposed for hours, days, or even weeks, there are deep emotional and difficult physical complications from cleaning up after a crime or loved one’s death. As the body decomposes, bacteria, liquids, and bugs infect all the surrounding materials and produce a strong odor. Any porous surface the hazardous material touches can harbor disease. If even the smallest amount of material is missed during the death cleanup process, the structure can harbor life-threatening diseases for years to come.

Don’t put yourself, your employees, or your loved ones in danger when you’re already grieving. Call our team of professionals at Bio SoCal for a fast and reliable solution and we’ll lift the burden off your shoulders.

What is the cleanup process?

Once the Palm Desert P.D. has released the scene, our team of biohazard cleanup experts will arrive at your Palm Desert home or business in a nondescript vehicle equipped with professional equipment, proprietary cleaners, and personal protective gear to meticulously remove all bodily tissues and fluids. Knowing where to look, we will then remove any materials that have been impacted and are unsalvageable such as fabric, carpet, and drywall before we clean, decontaminate, and sanitize all remaining surfaces. If any personal belongings can be saved, we will make sure to thoroughly clean them before returning them to you. Lastly, we’ll remove any lingering odor so you can be confident the area is safe for future use.

How much does cleanup cost?

If the cleanup is in a home or property you own, in most cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of our services as well as the cost to replace or repair any damaged items. We‘ll even file the claim on your behalf and submit the list of any items that couldn’t be recovered due to biohazard contamination. If you don’t have insurance, please call us for a free consultation and estimate.

Trust the professionals at Bio SoCal

Our professional and compassionate staff have extensive experience cleaning up bio hazardous material from a vast array of situations and we know exactly what to look for and how to clean various materials. Respectful and understanding, we are the proven bio hazardous cleanup experts throughout the Palm Desert area. With fantastic customer service and outstanding quality of work, our priority is to give you our very best as we do everything we can to make this difficult time easier for you. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Call us today

If you need cleanup after someone has died in your Palm Desert home or business or if you have any questions about cleaning up bio hazardous material, call us any time of day, 24/7, at (760) 565-5900 and we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Palm Desert – In the News – Biohazard Cleaning

Palm Desert Shooting Outside of a Gunshop

After a recent shooting in Palm Desert, our staff of professional biohazard cleaners were onsite cleaning blood off the pavement and surrounding environment to protect the local business owners and customers using the shopping area.

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