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What Is The Process For Cleaning Up a Suicide or Crime Scene?

Suicide or crime scene cleanup begins with compassion for the family and safety for your family and our team. Once we arrive we confirm that the authorities have cleared the scene and then we simply need access to the property by a family member or facilities manager. We ask for any homeowner’s insurance information and get to work. Once we are done we will file an insurance claim on your behalf and you can begin to move forward with other affairs. Our goal is to remove the emotional and financial burden of the cleanup so you can begin to move forward.

Cleaning Up a Death Can Involve Removing Contaminated Material

During the actual cleanup, most porous materials such as carpet, pad, mattresses, box springs, clothing, linens, etc must be disposed of as regulated biohazard medical waste. Non-porous property, such as furniture, must be decontaminated properly using our proprietary Eco-friendly products to ensure effective decontamination and no damage to property or structure.

Steps We Take To Safety Clean A Death Scene

We take safety seriously. Bio SoCal crew members always use full personal protection equipment (PPE) while on scene to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Our professional technicians are trained & certified to make sure the job is done right and safely. Although you are welcome to stay, we strongly suggest that you wait outside the scene to ensure your emotional & physical safety. It’s our job to help you.

Here is a post on the Bio SoCal blog that details what you can expect.

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