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Body Fluid Cleanup

After a death, there is often body fluid that needs to be handled and cleaned by a professional. Body fluid can be blood, urine, feces, or any other excrement that is left behind.

Proper Body Fluid Cleanup Ensures that Nothing is Left Behind

At home, in the workplace and even in a a vehicle, boat or airplane, protecting yourself from exposure to body fluid pathogens should be your number one concern and priority. Bio SoCal is a professional body fluid cleanup company that will make sure nothing is left behind. Our professionally trained crew will clean, disinfect, and dispose of all body fluids, so you can move forward and be assured that you and your loved ones are safe.

What is the Proper Procedure of Body Fluid Cleanup?

The first and foremost concern is to protect those who come in contact with the blood or other bodily fluids. The employees of Bio SoCal cover their entire body with biohazard protective suits, wear masks to filter the air, and wear two layers of gloves. They remove the infected materials, disinfect the entire area, bag the biohazard material and dispose of the waste the way the federal government and the California Department of Health has mandated.

Why is Bio SoCal Considered the Leading Body Fluid Cleanup Company in Ventura County?

We have professional crews who are discreet and calm when faced with gruesome scenes, yet compassionate when dealing with family members. Bio SoCal holds a Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioners License issued by the California Department of Public Health and follows all state and federal mandated procedures. Bio SoCal is thorough and has all the equipment necessary to recover, clean, disinfect, transport and dispose of biohazards. Years of experience and training have propelled us to the top of the list when unexpected and unfortunate accidents happen.

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