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When Crime Scene Cleanup is Necessary

Ventura residents needing professional crime scene cleanup services have suffered robberies or home invasions involving blood left behind by gunshot, knife or assault wounds. Crime scenes may also contain human remains and be contaminated by bodily fluids other than blood. As soon as law enforcement finishes procedural work relevant to crime scenes, it is up to the home or business owner to remove any biohazardous fluids covering floors, walls and furniture.

Standard operating procedures governing a professional crime scene cleanup involve military-like techniques that completely decontaminate all surfaces corrupted by body fluids. Particularly worrisome are possible bloodborne pathogens lurking in visible and invisible bloodstains left behind by a violent crime scene. People choosing to clean a crime scene by themselves do not have the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to find hidden blood spatters and smears. In addition, they may not realize that running a steam cleaner over a dried pool of blood on carpets will remove the stain but will not remove blood that has seeped into carpet padding and onto underlying floor boards.

Cross-Contamination and Dried Blood

Bloodborne viruses can live outside the body in dried blood for days or weeks, presenting the strong potential for infecting other people. In fact, the hepatitis-B virus is known to survive in dried blood for six to seven days. The hepatitis C virus will live three to four days outside the body. Further, bloodborne pathogens can easily be transmitted to humans through contact with many other body fluids, such as cerebrospinal, synovial and pleural fluid. When trauma to the body occurs at a crime scene, all these fluids may be spilled, dry in a few hours and remain invisible to the untrained eye.

Cost of Crime Scene Cleanup in Ventura

Property insurance generally covers the cost of crime scene cleanup services. In some cases, property insurance pays for Bio SoCal services as well as the replacement of disposed, contaminated items. We also file claims on behalf of our clients and submit detailed inventories of your unrecoverable items. If you need crime scene cleanup services but do not carry property insurance, please call us today for a free estimate.

Bio SoCal is the #1 Choice of Ventura Residents Seeking Crime Scene Cleanup

We have assembled a superb team of licensed biohazard cleanup technicians who approach each crime scene cleanup task with compassion, understanding and patience. We will explain the process before we begin and make every attempt to accommodate you at such a difficult time in your life.

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