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After a crime or other unfortunate event that leaves behind biohazards, blood and other biohazards in your property can be a significant health and safety hazard If not cleaned and decontaminated properly. Bloodbourne and other pathogens can be harmful to future occupants, and some pathogens can even spread throughout the air. Viruses like HIV, hepatitis, and airborne viruses like tuberculosis may be present after crime scenes or suicides.

If there’s blood and biohazards in your property, it’s crucial that you do not clean it up yourself from an emotional and physical perspective. With Bio SoCal in West Hills, you can get licensed and professional biohazard waste removal at your property in a moment’s notice. Our company rigorously follows all safety standards to properly dispose of biohazard waste while securing your property for future occupants.

We can dispatch to West Hills in as little as an hour, and our team works quickly and arrives discretely to ensure that your property is cleaned and Our services extend to a number of properties including:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Apartments
  • Garages
  • And more

Blood may be commonly found after crime scenes, suicides, and unattended deaths. We understand the sensitive nature of these instances, and our compassionate team works discreetly so you can emotionally move forward from the immediate situation. We will carefully go over all of the steps with you so you understand the process, and we will immediately work to disinfect the affected area and work with your home owners policy to mitigate any out of pocket costs

It’s important that you contact us immediately after a traumatic situation to prevent lasting damage to your property and to begin the grieving process. It’s also crucial that you refrain from entering the area yourself as you may be putting yourself at risk. Our team utilizes the latest technology, eco-friendly chemical and safety standards so you can confidently return to your property once our work is complete.

Bio SoCal is ready to clean and decontaminate blood and other biohazards from your property in the West Hills area. We are available 24/7 and are ready to dispatch immediately. Contact us now for a quick assessment and more information.

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