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Nothing is more traumatic than the unexpected death of a loved one due to suicide. Many unresolved questions remain unanswered. Many unresolved questions remain unanswered. After the police and paramedics have left and the body has been removed, what should you do next?

Marina Del Rey residents faced with the aftermath of a messy suicide know they can depend on Bio SoCal for immediate clean-up of biohazards left behind by a suicide. As one of Southern California’s leading biohazard cleaning companies, we have the equipment, solutions and experience to efficiently remove blood and other bodily fluids and tissues that can pose a danger to your and health. . In addition, our technicians understand how emotionally devastating a suicide can be and make every effort to respect and be compassionate during difficult time.

Why Hire a Marina Del Rey Suicide Cleanup Service to Clean Up After a Suicide?

For suicides involving deliberate drug overdose, there is often a need to have the area professionally cleaned, especially if the body is not immediately discovered .When suicides involve guns, jumping from buildings or hangings, blood will likely be distributed across the structure, furniture and personal items that may be contaminated with blood and or viral diseases. If the deceased is not found for a few days, decomposition causes fluids to seep from the body that may also be harmful to human health and safety. Additionally the emotional aftermath of a suicidal event is not one that should be relived by family and friends. We take precautions to ensure that the survivors of such an event are not re-victimized by the scene. Our goal is to provide a detailed cleaning and decontamination of all traces of the scene to ensure that family members remain emotionally safe.

Simply mopping floors or wiping off surfaces with soap and water won’t completely eliminate the risk of someone being infected with a blood-borne disease and the disposal of the bloodborne pathogens must me legally disposed of by a company licensed by the California Department of Public Health,. Special industry-specific equipment and chemicals designed to lift and decontaminate is necessary to ensure all traces of blood and bodily fluids are removed. Depending on the manner of the suicide, blood, feces, urine and bodily tissues may seep into flooring material and reach subfloors. All hidden areas surrounding a suicide require professional examination, identification, treatment and thorough disinfection to avoid possible transmission of infectious diseases.

Home Owners and Property Insurance Coverage

Most suicides that occur in home or on private property are covered by a person home owners or property insurance so the out of pocket ion most case sis minimal. We will handle filing the claim on your behalf to remove one task when dealing with a traumatic and unexpected event.

Discreet, Courteous Service

When Marina Del Ray residents call Bio SoCal for suicide clean-up services, they speak directly with the owner, not a call center. We answer our phone 24/7 and can be at a your home or business within 90 minutes. In addition, you can be rest assured you have hired a fully insured and and licensed biohazard cleaning company licensed as a Trauma Waste Management Practitioner by the California Dept. of Public Health.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need confidential, professional suicide cleanup.

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