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In the event of an unattended death or trauma, you deserve to have the situation improved as quickly and professionally as possible. Bio SoCal in Manhattan Beach, will professionally clean and decontaminate the property so you can safely return and tend to your affairs. We specialize in removing biohazards related to unattended deaths, suicides, crime scenes, unattended death and more.

In these situations, it’s important to have a licensed and trusted company by your side. Bio SoCal is licensed by the California Department of Public Health and has the required Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioners License. Some of the most common biohazards include:

  • Blood pathogens
  • Infectious disease
  • and other potentially infectious materials

If left unattended, these pathogens could expose your property and its occupants to things such as HIV, hepatitis, and meningitis and a permeable odor Along with avoiding these complications, cleaning the affected area can help you begin the healing process after a traumatic incident. We take great care to work discreetly so you can better cope during the process.

Our trained and certified staff works quickly to make your property safe, and we can arrive in most cases within the hour. Time is of the essence in these situations, and we will begin as soon as possible to ensure there’s no lasting damage to your property. With on-call staff in Manhattan Beach, we will arrive quickly to a number of properties including:

  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Storage Units
  • Outdoor locations

Our services are necessary for a number of situations including:

  • Suicides
  • Crime scenes
  • Unattended deaths
  • Trauma scenes
  • infectious disease and more

It’s important that you trust your biohazard removal company so you have the confidence to return to your property safely and quickly. With years of reputable experience, Bio SoCal continues to lead the industry by utilizing the latest technological advancements and eco-friendly chemicals to clean decontaminate and dispose of biohazards.

Bio SoCal is available 24/7 and provide our services throughout the Manhattan Beach area. If you need our services, please call us at any time for a quick response and assessment. We are ready to make your property safe again and help you begin the healing process.

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