Although many cleaning companies claim to offer biohazard removal services, only companies specializing in cleanup of biohazard contaminates understand the complex issues and compliance guidelines behind the decontamination and bio-remediation process. Bio Socal is one of the few biohazard cleaning services serving the Hawthorne area that knows how to safely and legally remove all types of biohazards, and dispose of these substances properly and according to local, state and federal laws and thoroughly decontaminate the area so that it no longer poses a health and safety risk.

What is Considered a Biohazard?

Most biohazards are fluid in nature and include blood, saliva, feces, urine, vomit and all other bodily fluids. Used hypodermic needles, clothing soiled with biohazards and anything else that may have been exposed to pathogens harmful to a person’s health are also considered biohazards. This also includes infectious diseases such as MRSA, C-diff, and other potentially infectious materials often found in pathogens.

Bloodborne pathogens are especially dangerous since they can quickly and easily infect others. In fact, the CDC estimates that one out of every 25 people is infected with the Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B virus, a particularly hardy virus that can survive in dead people for nearly three weeks after death.

Dangers of Biohazard Material Cleanup

Hoarding situations in Hawthorne may also require a biohazard team of clean-up specialists, especially if the hoard contains used needles, bandages, bodily fluids, spoiled food or animal waste. In addition, biohazard situations often contain hidden dangers to those attempting to clean up the debris. For example, blood, urine or feces can seep into floorboards and reach the subflooring. A highly porous material, tile grout will quickly absorb blood or urine so you don’t even know the area may be a biohazard. If new floors or tile are installed over unprofessionally cleaned materials, the remaining biohazardous material can spread infectious diseases and create foul odors that cannot be resolved.

Other Reasons for Bio-remediation Services

Hawthorne residents have contacted us for immediate cleanup of violent crime scenes involving blood loss, suicide aftermath and lab accidents. They know they can depend on us for having the industry-specific equipment, appropriate cleaning solutions and knowledge of disposal laws necessary to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Home Owners and Property Insurance Coverage

Most biohazard scenes are covered by a person home owners or property insurance so the out of pocket ion most case sis minimal. We will handle filing the claim on your behalf to remove one task when dealing with a traumatic and unexpected event.

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