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Bio SoCal is the most recommended biohazard cleanup company in Culver City. Vetted by government agencies, Bio SoCal is a local company that is trusted by locals to work efficiently and discretely.

Biohazard Cleanup: Contracted & Trusted by Culver City

Biohazard Cleanup Contract with Culver CityBio SoCal is the only Biohazard cleanup company officially contracted and trusted by the City of Culver City. A highly specialized Hoarding Removal service that should only be performed by professionals experienced with removing potentially dangerous biohazards, hoarding cleanup often involves removing thousands of pounds of a hoarding debris possibly infested with animal/human feces, dead animal carcasses, mold, spoiled food, infectious bacteria and other biohazardous material. Cleaning up a hoarding situation in Culver City is not something two or three people can do with a few trash bags and a can of Lysol. You need the hoarding cleaning specialists of Bio SoCal.

Hoarding Health Hazards

Hoarders are experts at hiding their stuff. It’s not uncommon to discover someone has been hoarding for 10, 15 or even 20 years, quietly accumulating an amazing array of items that eventually makes their home uninhabitable. Usually, hoarders are discovered when someone notices a foul odor coming from their home or the hoarder starts filling the exterior of their home with what anyone else would consider “junk”. Additionally a family members hoarded home is often discovered when paramedics or the police respond to a medical emergency and are mandated to report the situation to code enforcement and social services.

Cleaning up a hoarded home requires the assistance of our professional Culver City cleaners who protect themselves from the health dangers of hoards by wearing wear personal protective clothing, respiratory masks, gloves and booties. Using biohazard equipment while tackling a hoarding problem is essential to preventing infection by bacteria responsible staph, e-coli, MRSA and other serious diseases.

Culver City Hoarding Services Available are discrete and confidential

In addition to cleaning any size hoard, we also take great care in addressing the psychological needs of the hoarder. While much of much of the debris in extreme hoards are unsalvageable, we understand that hoarders should be allowed to keep items that have not been contaminated. We never throw away items unless instructed by the hoarder or the hoarder’s family and take pride in recovering family herilooms and sentimental items such as photographs, important documents and valuable’s.

After removing the debris and disposing of the contents according to federal, state and local regulations, we then sanitize and deodorize the area with proprietary cleaning materials and solutions. In addition, we attempt to do everything possible to maintain the value of the property by deep cleaning as thoroughly as possible.

If you need a hoard removed and the area fully cleaned, contact us anytime for a FREE estimate and scope of work or email for more information about our hoarding clean-up services in Culver City

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