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Why should I choose Bio SoCal instead of a restoration or national company?

Bio SoCal is a locally owned and operated biohazard remediation company that proudly serves a wide range of Southern California counties, including Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Santa Barbara. What sets Bio SoCal apart is not only our geographical reach and proven experience, but also our commitment to providing compassionate and professional biohazard cleaning services during challenging times.

We are close by during challenging times

The thought of a loved one being involved in an accident, the victim of a crime, committing suicide, or overdosing on drugs is daunting and we are passionate about doing everything we can to help lessen the burden of cleanup so you can focus on your family and friends during a difficult and unexpected event. Unlike some national and restoration companies that dispatch from states away, we are close by when these challenging events occur with ongoing relationships with local police and first responders to better serve you in your time of need. With our focus on Southern California, in most cases, we can arrive on your doorstep in an hour or less, taking into account the time of day and traffic conditions.

Bio SoCal values transparency and integrity

Transparency and integrity are at the core of Bio SoCal’s business practices. We’ll stand by our pricing quotes, ensuring you know exactly what you are paying for and that you are not subjected to additional, unexpected charges designed to increase invoices. This commitment to fair and honest pricing reflects our dedication to being a company you can count on when your world has gone awry.

You always talk directly with by a qualified biohazard technician

When clients call us at Bio SoCal, you can expect a level of personalized service often lacking in national companies. Unlike restoration or biohazard remediation companies that rely on call centers or voicemail systems, we ensure every call is answered by a qualified biohazard technician, 24/7/365. With rare exceptions, when you call us, you will almost NEVER be directed to a voicemail or call center but will always speak directly to a qualified biohazard technician. At Bio SoCal, we understand the urgency and sensitivity of biohazard cleanup situations when you need them so we are always here on the other end of the line to answer your questions or arrange for immediate help.

Bio SoCal strictly adheres to all industry standards

Bio SoCal is licensed by the California Department of Public Health, which regulates the collection, transportation, and disposal of biohazardous waste. Each of our team members is also fully trained in all local and federal rules including CAL/OSHA (California Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the California Department of Public Health. This ensures every member of our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle all types of biohazard cleanup quickly and effectively and that you are kept safe when the unexpected occurs. This licensing ensures the company operates in compliance with state regulations and further establishes our credibility and commitment to responsible practices in the field of biohazard cleanup.

Bio SoCal only uses high-quality materials

At Bio SoCal, we set ourselves apart by utilizing only professional-grade products and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved chemicals. This commitment to using high-quality materials underscores our dedication to providing effective and thorough biohazard remediation services while prioritizing the safety and well-being of both our clients, team members, and the community at large.

Our team specializes in biohazard cleanup

At Bio SoCal, we specialize in cleaning up blood, body fluids, urine, feces, drugs, and other biohazards. While a restoration company may also clean up situations such as a sewage backup, the two types of cleanup have different emphases. A restoration cleanup company handles situations such as water damage or mold removal. They are generally not equipped for blood and body fluids. Our team specializes in dealing with situations involving blood and other biohazards such as crimes, death, accidents, and hoarding involving biohazards. With the training, expertise, and equipment necessary to handle these situations, we are your go-to company for biohazard remediation throughout Southern California.

Call us today for local, expert biohazard cleanup throughout Southern California

Bio SoCal’s success is rooted in our local focus, genuine compassion, transparent pricing, direct communication, and commitment to industry standards. As the trusted leader in biohazard remediation services across Southern California, we have genuine compassion for what you’re going through and we’ll do everything we can to create a safe environment for you and the ones you care for. If you need biohazard cleanup in Southern California, give us a call today. We’re here to help.

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