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Process of Getting Cigarette Smoke Out of the House

The process of getting cigarette smoke out depends on how long the smoker has been smoking in the house, the age of the house, the type of walls and flooring, how much furniture is in the house, and etc. It can be done. The difficulty of what it will take depends on a variety of factors.

How to Get the Smell of Cigarette Smoke Out

The furniture and carpet must be removed or steam cleaned. The walls and floors need to be cleaned with our proprietary eco-friendly enzyme, degreaser, and sanitizer to extract any odor and contamination. Lastly, our ozone system, which oxidizes the bacteria in the room and eliminates residual odor needs to be deployed. In certain extreme situations, a coat of paint may be needed to seal in the odor in the walls.

Bio SoCal – #1 Choice for Odor Removal in SoCal

Bio SoCal will perform the cleanup and odor removal at the same time. Our crews are experienced and work quickly and efficiently with minimum disruption to the life that goes on around them.

We will remove and dispose of odor-causing materials and clean the air until it smells fresh again.

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