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Steps To Completely Remove Dead Animal Smell

First and foremost any bodily fluids, contaminated material, or carcass must be removed or the odor will continue to be present. Any non-porous structural areas must be cleaned ad disinfected with an enzyme and degreaser to lift and clean the bio matter. The technician must wear the proper personal protective equipment to ensure that any contaminates do not transfer.

Use of an Ozone System to Eliminate Odors

We use our ozone system which fills the room with pure ozone, essentially eliminating all the oxygen to oxidize bacteria and eliminate the dead animal odor in the room.

This process can take up to 24 hours. All humans and animals must leave the residence and not return until a Bio SoCal technician has deemed the home safe to return. Once the ozone treatment is complete the odor should be gone for good.

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