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How Do You Clean Up After A Hoarder?

This is always a delicate situation. Cleaning up a hoarder’s home needs to be done carefully and with compassion. We work with the hoarder and typically a family member or counselor to determine the disposition of the contents of the home. We generally set guidelines as to what will be discarded, set aside for donation, or retained by the client. Our team follows these guidelines working within the careful balance of compassion and efficiency.

How To Clean Up the Hoarder’s House After the Items Have Been Removed.

After we’ve removed and disposed of all the items we inspect the house to determine if there are any biohazards that must be decontaminated and cleaned. Typically we find deeply soiled bathrooms and kitchens and in some cases mold, rodent feces, insects, and filth. We use proprietary eco-friendly chemicals that decontaminate and sanitize contaminates to ensure the home is biologically safe. Our teams are properly trained to work around and clean up objects such as sharps, blood, feces, and even rodents or other animals to ensure safety and prevent exposure to harmful pathogens caused by biohazards and dust.

How Do You Remove the Lingering Odor?

Once the debris and biohazards have been removed from the home we special machines – Ozone Generators – that remove odors by destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause unpleasant smells. The Ozone is a highly reactive molecule that quickly reacts with particles that come into contact with the air. The extra oxygen atom in the Ozone attaches itself to other molecules eliminating the smell from the air and all hard surfaces.

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